Dec 17, 2015

Some throwback photos from a fall meet in 2011. That wing, though. I just fell in love with it. I would honestly have bought an EP3, just for that Mugen-style wing! I do believe it is running some shims to give it a more aggressive angle. I'll be honest, I haven't been a huge Honda guy, since you could still buy EKs new!  Yeah... I'm that old.

Dec 10, 2015

Throw Back Thursday:

Hammered and Murdered Accord

by Dustin Mankin

Dec 5, 2015

Let's Play a Game...

by Dustin Mankin

MCs from the event are hosting a game. The object was to come up and guess the weight of the Kei-Car transmission, which if you can't guess, is the black item at their feet. Kei-cars are Japan's economical choice for getting around. They are small, and use a 660cc engine. They get great gas mileage, and the parts are a lot cheaper for these cars. Taxes and bi-yearly "shaken," or MOT or safety inspections, are muuuuch cheaper than for their full sized counterparts. The trade off is that most Kei-cars produce a road scorching 68HP... a little more if they are turbo charged.

Nov 22, 2015


Sorry, I've Been Away Last Week!

I was busy marrying the love of my life! (Besides Cars, lol.... Sorry honey!) Speaking of which, we will be starting on RPM again, soon. Around the second weeks of ||January. We got into a new rental house that needed some work, and that ate up a lot of time, so the blog went dark for a while! Sorry!

Nov 15, 2015

AE-Eighty Eh...

Poor Hachi

by Dustin Mankin

Well it looked nice on the outside.....but those seat doilies are pretty coo.... shit.

Three Amigos:

Bungo Takada Custam Car Show

by Dustin Mankin

Ok, this seriously is the last shot of the Hakosuka, Starlet, and Carolla from the Bungo Takada Classic Car Show. I'm moving on next to an AE86, but it might not turn out like you expected. And I am still getting to the article about the hand sign used by Tra-Kyoto.

Nov 14, 2015

Oct 30, 2015

Born to be a Starlet:

A KP61 at the Bunotakada Classic Car Show

by Dustin Mankin

This Toyota KP61 Starlet was in great shape! As mentioned in the previous blog article, here, the car before your eyes was not even entered into the show, yet was still nicer than some of the cars that entered. This is the reason why I hover around the parking lot so much.

Judging from the front end, unless the owner decided to put the updated face on it, this is a second facelift model, Making it an '83 or '84 model.

If you read Super Street's Japan issue from , you'll know that this symbol has something to do with condoms, but it is not "the Japanese hand symbol for condom," as they put it. So tired of people that don't live in Japan reporting stuff in a half-ass way and confusing the hell out of people. I have more information about this, and more ideas as to how TRA Kyoto came to use a variant of this, and I will touch on it next week.

Up above are a couple more shots of racing decals that graced this car.

Inside, we have a very nice, if not standard JDM fare, Personal steering wheel.

And lastly, a full body shot, showing off the nice gold colored Watanabe style Wheels. Actually this car makes me want a Starlet in my collection. Maybe one day.

And for those of you that are interested, here are a few

Cool Facts About the 60 Series Starlet:

The 60 series was the first Starlet sold outside of Japan.

The 60 series Starlet was the first Toyota Passenger Car to use rack and pinion steering.

The Starlet was available in America from 1981-1984.

The American Starlet came with a 5-speed in '81 and '82, but only had a 4-speed for '83 and '84.

Common rust locations on a 60 series starlet are under the rear hatch seal, around the front window wiper mount, behind the front fenders and the bottom of the doors.

If you want more pictures and information, you can visit the Wikipedia page that I lifted this info from.

Oct 24, 2015

A Classic Lineup at the Bungo Takada Custom Car Show

Hakosuka, Starlet, Corolla, Levin

I was pretty pumped to see this lineup while coming around the corner at last May's Bungo Taka Custom Car show.... and the coolest thing.... THESE WEREN'T EVEN IN THE SHOW!

Tomorrow, I'll have some more pictures of the Starlet. I took more pictures of every car here, except the Hakosuka... I've taken soooo many Hakosuka pics over the years, that I'm kind of burnt out on them. You'll see after a while.

Oct 18, 2015

Brown Town, Why?

Because Nissan B310 Sunny

by Dustin Mankin

I found this fairly clean sunny wagon in Bungo Takada. This would be a fun little car to get around on the weekend in. It's still going to draw attention, because they just don't keep cars like this around, but my girlfriend won't be complaining about the harshness of the coilovers like she doesn't in the 180SX.

I'd ditch the exhaust, though. I'd probably go custom piping into an Apex'i Worldsport muffler. Quiet when you are in chill mode, deep and throaty when you are on it. All while not looking like a high school kid that wanted a Type R, but got stuck with his dad's old work car instead.
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