Aug 22, 2016

Ole Blue...

You Thought the Ridgeline was Honda's Only Truck?

by Dustin Mankin

This right here, boys and girl's is a Honda T360, and the T360 is Honda's first vehicle...EVER. It came out four months ahead of the S500. The S360 Prototype and T360 share the same chassis, and the engine of this model of truck was in the prototype of the S360.

The truck was introduced in June of '63, and would be in production until 1967. In total 108,920 of these blue bombers would be made. And I can call them all blue bombers, because they only came in this shade of blue, called "May Blue."

Judging from the sign in the window, this particular truck is an AK250E powered model, which received the engine from the S360 prototype mentioned above. There was also a T500 model, which shared a chassis with the S500 roadster.

The reason the oil cap is where a gas cap would normally be, is because this baby was mid-engined. It had a top speed of 100kph or 62mph, which isn't bad at all, considering it had only 30 horsepower. The engine did hit 8,500RPM, though, a nod to their motorcycle heritage.

This truck is just a normal pick up truck model. There were a few other variations, including a flatbed, a flatbed with folding sides (much like modern kei-trucks), and a van variant.

So next time someone is shit talking a Ridgeline, remind them that Honda's first vehicle was a truck! 

Now, I wanna see someone paint a car in "May Blue." Who's doing it?

Aug 5, 2016


1JZ Swapped FD3S

by Dustin Mankin

In last weeks Stance Nation post, I hinted at what might come up this week. Here it is! Just a super short clip featuring a 1JZ powered FD3S.

The crazy thing is that this car actually has been cleared for road use, which is usually not allowed when the engine and chassis manufacturer aren't the same. I.E.: An RB26 is ok in an S13, but a 2JZ is not.

Anyways, please enjoy, comment, and don't forget to like and subscribe!!



Aug 3, 2016

  Bungotakada Vendors' Sample

Wish I'd Have Kept My Hotwheels Hakosuka...

by Dustin Mankin

One of the cool things about going to the vintage car shows, is the cool stuff that you find. Sometimes just random collectibles, and sometimes not so old stuff, like these Hotwheels. Before I moved to Japan, I unloaded most of my Hotwheels collection to help finance the trip. I think I let the Hakosukas I had go for like 20 bucks..... could've got double in Japan!

There are tones of vintage magazines at the show. Some not as old, but still rare to find, as Book-Off keeps reducing it's old car magazine selection.

But then you run into some vintage magazines, like these old Carboys. To me it seems like 1980 isn't that long ago, since I was born in 1983, then I realize that was 36 years ago! Time stops for no man!

And for the guy doing a restoration, sometimes you find the odd vintage part. Steering wheels are actually fairly common. But finding one in good shape is not, as the top is almost always eaten away by the cancerous rays of that unrelenting Japanese sun.

What kind of things to you find at the car shows and swap meets in your areas? Hit me up with a comment below, and let me know you are alive.

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Jul 26, 2016

STANCENATION Japan G Edition Nagasaki

Full Edit

by Dustin Mankin

It's here! Finally uploaded the video to YouTube last night. Click on this link to visit the YouTube page, so you can subscribe and not miss out on anything.

Sometimes, I put videos up on my Instagram, also. Even though I eventually will put them up here, they are always going to be on Instagram first. In the case of the videos I shoot, they are exclusive to Instagram... go here now to follow us!

Jul 15, 2016


Rollout parts 2 and 3

by Dustin Mankin

Here are parts 2 and 3 of the rollout video from STANCENATION Japan in Nagasaki. Honest to God... most exquisite show I've ever seen in my life. Simply the top of the top. And to be honest, I spent most of my time filming the regular guy's cars. Those are my people. Not the shops building perfect cars... the privateers like myself.

HOWEVER, the rollout videos manage to capture a good mix of the pro built cars, and the home mechanics offerings as well. Check the videos out below. And don't forget about part 1, here.

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Jul 13, 2016

eXite Video Magazine Raw Feed

STANCENATION JAPAN Nagasaki Rollout pt. 1

by Dustin Mankin

Just some raw unedited video footage from the Rollout of STANCENATION JAPAN Nagasaki 2016. There will be two more videos coming. The second is a little bit shorter from the same angle. It will be posted tomorrow.

I also shot across the street from here. To see that angle, visit my Instagram at . Don't forget to like an follow for original JDM content. I'm not a recycler, like most pages!!

Also, a full edit is coming soon!!! Like, next week soon!

You should be able to go fullscreen at my YouTube Channel:

Fukuoka VIP:

This Is How You VIP

by Dustin Mankin


Happened upon this photo shoot a few years back in Fukuoka. I was actually gonna post it then, but if you haven't noticed, I'm a little bit lazy. I just wanted to post something up and get the dialogue going again. I have some announcements coming up. A few that you are going to be REALLY excited about, I think. Tomorrow, I'll be posting some pics  I snapped at STANCENATION Nagasaki 2016.

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Until then.... peep this car! 

Dec 17, 2015

Some throwback photos from a fall meet in 2011. That wing, though. I just fell in love with it. I would honestly have bought an EP3, just for that Mugen-style wing! I do believe it is running some shims to give it a more aggressive angle. I'll be honest, I haven't been a huge Honda guy, since you could still buy EKs new!  Yeah... I'm that old.

Dec 10, 2015

Throw Back Thursday:

Hammered and Murdered Accord

by Dustin Mankin

Dec 5, 2015

Let's Play a Game...

by Dustin Mankin

MCs from the event are hosting a game. The object was to come up and guess the weight of the Kei-Car transmission, which if you can't guess, is the black item at their feet. Kei-cars are Japan's economical choice for getting around. They are small, and use a 660cc engine. They get great gas mileage, and the parts are a lot cheaper for these cars. Taxes and bi-yearly "shaken," or MOT or safety inspections, are muuuuch cheaper than for their full sized counterparts. The trade off is that most Kei-cars produce a road scorching 68HP... a little more if they are turbo charged.
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