Aug 7, 2017

As the dawn turned to night, my car spotting was coming to an end. I had just enough daylight to grab a few snaps of the best used car dealership, ever. I won't go into too much detail here, but let's just say that the Japanese service industry is on full display here. Hopefully I can cover it more in a video later. This particular GT Net is in Fukuoka, so I should be able to organize a trip.

Without giving too much away, you can see that this car dealer deals in one thing and one thing only... Sport Cars (Shouldn't that be the only type of car?).

Saving the best for last.... what is that hiding away in the show room window?

Anyone that has played a Gran Turismo after GT3 should recognize this... the C-West Razo S15 Time Attack Silvia. Dear God, I about blew the front out of my shorts when I saw this.

Don't you wish this was in the U.S.? Or wherever you happen to be reading this from right now?

Jul 31, 2017

I was walking past a random garage when I saw this amazing car sitting in there.... Now this thing should look amazing. The sign on the garage let's us know that it is a paint and body shop. And if this CR-X is any example of their work... it's good!

If you had any idea how much rarer it's getting to find decent cars of this vintage in this country. And too be honest, most of them aren't tuner cars, anymore. Just restored stock old cars that old farts drive out to a car show, then take back home for three or four more weeks in the garage.... sad.

Have you noticed as you get older that our throw away cars have become more expensive "classics?" Have you noticed something scarier? There are no decent cheap throw away cars to replace them...

Jul 24, 2017

Pig's Ass...

A C130 Nissan Laurel in the Wild

by Dustin Mankin

I've been going through some old folders while I've been gone.... FOREVER, I know. And I came across some photos that I snapped from when I first came to Japan.

This article was just named "Kyusha!!!" for a while, because I (ashamedly) had no idea what it was, at first. But a quick ID from friend and awesome YouTuber, Daniel from Wasabi Cars, and we now have a title. I also found out from Wikipedia that this car is known as the "Butaketsu" Laurel, because of it's lovely lady lumps of a rear end.

Why  "Butaketsu?" Buta means pig in Japanese, and ketsu means ass. As I mentioned above, it's rather large rear quarter and rear area helped it earn that name. I really enjoy learning about all the Japanese nicknames of cars, and it really gives you an air of credibility when you are talking with other Japanese car enthusiasts.

If you'd like to read a little more about the C130 Laurel, my awesome Wikipedia cut and paste skills may help, and below that is a video from Wasabi Cars featuring the SAME car. If you haven't ever visited his YouTube, I highly recommend it! .... and while you are in the YouTube mood, why not swing by mine at, if you haven't already?

From Wikipedia:

 In April 1972 the second Laurel generation appeared, again in four-door saloon and two-door hardtop coupé form affectionately known as the Butaketsu Laurel ("pig's butt") because of its ample rear quarter panels and tail section, with the taillights incorporated into the rear bumper. The saloon now was endowed with a rear beam axle and leaf springs, while the coupé clung to independent rear suspension. In addition to the 1.8 and 2.0 L four-cylinder engines, a 2.0 L inline-six was now available, joined, from October, 1973, by a 2.6 L six; the latter was replaced by a 2.8 L six in late 1975. The G-20 4-cylinder and L20 six-cylinder engines were equipped with SU twin carburetors but were eliminated February 1976 due to emission regulations.
The styling of the coupe appears to be influenced by the 1970 Ford Torino and the 1971 Mercury Cougar, reflecting a popular styling trend during the 1960s and 1970s called "coke bottle". Sales in Japan (very few were exported) ran to about 96,000 per year, with three-quarters sedans.[3] The Toyota competitor was the Mark II coupé and sedan.

Datsun 200L sedan (Europe)
Engines available at the time were the four-cylinder 1815 cc G18 and 1990 cc G20, and the six-cylinder 1998 cc L20. Both the G20 and L20 were available with twin SU carburettors as an option. However, only the G20 equipped cars outwardly announced this with a “Twin Carburettor 2000GX” badge.
In October 1973 the first Laurel with the 2565 cc L26 six-cylinder engine was added and badged as “2600SGL”. Since the engine was over two litres, it was not restrained by the size limits imposed by Japanese regulations, and therefore it was fitted with bigger bumpers than regular Laurels. The installation of the 2.6-litre engine in Japanese models helped identify this generation as a luxury car, as the larger engine obligated Japanese drivers to pay higher amounts of annual road tax.
In September 1975, in order to meet the new emissions regulations for that year, the L26 was replaced by the larger yet 2753 cc L28 six-cylinder. By October the carburettors in the L20 were replaced with electronic fuel injection and the engine was now dubbed L20E. Because of the difficulty in meeting the emissions regulations, the twin-carburetted engines were all discontinued. The 1,770 cc L18 replaced the G18 in the lineup.
In February 1976 carburetted 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre engines which met the 1976 emissions regulations were introduced, and were identified with the Nissan NAPS badge.

Jul 22, 2017

One of the best parts about living in Japan is visiting the different UpGarages around the country!

Here are just a few of the awesome S-Chassis Cars that I saw at Stance Nation Nagasaki 2016! Check out the wild cars from my friends at Neo Project!

The 3 Deep Drift Team in Japan had some incredible cars.... Here is one of them, with a whaaat under the hood??

Feb 14, 2017

Ice, Ice, Baby:

An Ice Blue S14 in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

Here is an oldie! I've been going through my old unused photographs on my hard drive. I know it's been a long time since I posted a real blog update, I hope you guys didn't forget about us, here! I've been super busy keeping my YouTube ( ) going with lots of new videos. YouTube's algorithm is a beast.

Also, sorry for the (lack of) photo quality. A lot of these old ones were snapped on my old iPhone 4S from back when I first came to Japan!

I know it's hard to tell in the pictures, but this guy really is more of an ice blue than a silver. The color was really pretty in person. Actually, this whole car was pretty in person. I know it isn't slammed, but that is something you have to understand about Japan. Not every car is shakotan or onikyan. A lot of owners that are into racing or drifting find the right height that actually makes the car perform the best. I can't say for sure about this guy, though; maybe all he could afford were springs.

The aero is quite nice on the car though. This car really keeps that standard early 2000's style in check. That was the height of my customizing cars and running around with the car guys, so I'm always going to appreciate this era of car, whether anyone else does or not.

And believe me when I say nothing screams early to mid 2000's more than those small aluminum GT Wings, most people having picked them up on that new sensation... eBay. In Japan, Yahoo Auctions is still the name of the game, by the way.

The last little thing that I wanted to talk about was the wheels. Got to love Super Advan tri-spokes. Well... I mean you don't have to, it's definitely an acquired taste, but I do. I have since NOB (Taniguchi) had them on his Genki HKS S15 D1 car.

I will try to update the blog weekly with a fresh article, on top of all the video announcement posts. BTW, If you want to see pictures more often, please check out our Instagram ( exitevideomagazine )

Dec 3, 2016

I just posted a new video to my YouTube Channel. Head on over and check it out! We are continuing our theme of Miyoshi-san cars. This one is about two customer cars that he brought with him! Please, please, please... If you have a YouTube account, help me out by subscribing!

Hey guys! Last week I uploaded a video to YouTube and forgot to post the blog here, If you are wondering where I've been, I've been a lot more active on YouTube and Instagram these days. Instagram name is exitevideomagazine , and the YouTube Channel is exitevideomagazine as well. Please, like follow and share to get more original Japanese Content, and to help me grow.

Nov 3, 2016

Throw Back Thursday:

Yin and Yang

This is absolutely the last set of photos from the Nashville IA 2011 meet. But these photos are
special to me. You see, these photos are of my old Nissan cube and Paul C.'s Nissan cube. Both Z12s. Actually, both Paul and I have moved on from the cube game. And no, the lowercase "c" is not a typo. If you look at the logo, the "c" is actually lowercase, so that's why I chose to write it that way.

Mine was a base model, and Paul's was a Krom. I picked a base model, because I thought the Krom's aero was not quite the direction I wanted to go, and I couldn't justify that most of the cost was on that aero and wheels that I was going to change out anyway. Paul's Krom did look amazing, though.

Another difference is the ride height. Paul and I both lowered our cars, but Paul went with K-Sport coilovers. I wanted coilovers, but I just hadn't gotten there yet.

I wanted to maximize my budget to get many things done, and then go back around and perfect various parts. Also, I was trying to make how-to videos, and doing it that way gave me the opportunities to make a lot of different videos.

My car was lowered on Megan 2" drop springs. The ride wasn't horrible, and it looked low until I saw Paul's. Lol. By the way, I do have those springs in case anyone is interested. Hit up my email. (at) gmail (dot) com . Sorry about that, but the spammers are out in full force.

On the subject of footwork, This picture is a good chance to check out our wheels. Paul was sitting on a nice set or Work Eurolines, I believe in 17". Don't hold me to that, it's been a long time. Mine were SRR Vienna Kreis in 18x8 + 25 up front and 18x9 +25 in the rear. I can't remember my tire size, but I was using Nitto Neo-Gens for the tires. I had used them on some of my sportier cars before, and I've always thought they were good all around summer performance tires. Not a beast in any category, but a REALLY well balanced amount of grip/life/price. But it's not like a cube really screams "race car."

Doesn't matter if I show his GA tags off... he sold this thing to Car Max a long time ago.

A lot of our mods were really similar, except since he had the Krom, he didn't bother to get a grill. I on the other hand, rocked the ATi grill. I did get a really good deal, thanks to a partnership between my sponsor, Bean Garage, which you should visit; really good guy, and ATi. I actually made a video on my old account of the install. I think I will throw it up on a blog post for you guys next week.

Apart from that, I had an awesome stereo system, especially considering the budget I had to work with, and an AEM short ram intake that I bought used from someone with a Versa. I highly doubt the short ram gave me any performance, but it did make the cube sound a lot better on throttle.

Well, there is a little bit more on my cube. I have just a few more pictures that I might throw up at a later date. I really did love this car, and now that my building and fiberglassing skills are improving, I'd love to have another. I think I could totally mold that car into the cube I originally wanted. Time will tell.

Guys, I'd invite you to check out my facebook page, my YouTube Channel, and my Instagram. Lots of good stuff on all of them, and generally every page has a little something different. As always, I appreciate you stopping by and visiting my little slice of car life.

Want to see anything in particular? Gripe? Praise? Whatever, I'd love to hear from you on the blog. Hit me up with a comment down below.
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