I'm your passport to Japan.


Your friend in Japan.

Any time I mention going to Japan, my friends always say, "Bring me back some parts!" Well...let's be friends.

Being only hours from Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Oita, and Nagasaki, I am in a prime location to help you find JDM parts. The main benefit is that I can find used parts that have been discontinued. A lot of dealers only sell new parts, so when a part is discontinued, that's it.

I am hunting for rare parts for myself, so there is no reason that I can extend my searches to your parts as well. I am discovering new Junkyards all the time, and I am within three hours of 3 UpGarages. Also there are numerous Autobacs and Yellow Hats near as well as at least 2 Super Autobacs in Fukuoka.

Need a part? Send me an e-mail, let me see what I can find for you.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Dustin Mankin. After a year of prepping in America, I  made my dreams come true and moved to Japan.

I sold everything I owned and put the money back in a safe, hording it until everything was gone and I had about $15,000 saved up. I put in a two week notice at a job I hated and bailed on a life that was not rewarding whatsoever.

I had visited Tokyo, but was moving to the western end of Japan. I had a girlfriend I met on the internet, but no job, and no long term visa. To be honest, at the time I still wasn't sure my girlfriend wasn't a "catfish" situation. I didn't even have lodging until about 2 months before I left the country. But I had hope and determination. This move has taught me so much about how to live life with no regrets. I am a lot more skin of my teeth than I used to be.

If you have the desire to come to Japan, maybe I can help you, too. Send me a message on here, and I'll try to help you out. I am also going to write a lot about my moving experience, because I know a lot of Japanese car enthusiasts dream of getting here. The help is free, consider it me "paying it forward."



Need anything? Just let me know.

And I really mean that. Every month, I have the newest Japanese magazines, books, DVDs, and more. Sadly, some great magazines such as Young Version have stopped publication over the years, but a lot of great mags are still in publication like: Option, Option 2, Drift Tengoku, & G-Works. The stance scene is blowing up, as well, with publications such as USDM.

But I'm also a video producer myself, and I am always chasing down leads to create great new content. The more ingrained I get into this scene, the crazier the videos are going to get, I can promise you that.

Sign up for email alerts, follow the feed, like the page on Facebook... Whatever you do. I can promise you one thing... This is going to get INSANE.



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