Apr 11, 2020

FREE JDM Drift Coloring Page! Japanese Cars Coloring Page! Beat Corona Lock Downs by Coloring Drift Cars!


Free D1GP Drift Car Coloring Sheet!

Beat Your Corona Virus Shut-In Blues With This Coloring Sheet!

by Dustin Mankin

I know a lot of people are locked in, shut in, quarantined... whatever you want to call it, right now. I know a lot of you had plans to visit the circuit and go some drift events, as well. I was prepared to see all my friends after a few months of winter break, but the Corona virus of 2019/2020 had a different idea!

I've been working on turning some stills from my videos into pages for a Japanese drifting coloring book. I thought however, I'd share a page for you guys to color for free, to help you beat the lock down blues!

The pages come from these two videos in particular. They are kinda longish, so it's another way to burn up some time while you're in isolation! Do me a favor, check em out, like them, share them, and throw me a sub if you haven't already. I've been busy, but I'm getting ready to start uploading some new stuff! It's always original, because I film it all myself, of course!

Now that I've rambled on and peddled my YouTube channel, on to the goods! There are two versions, an American 8.5 x 11 inch letter size, and an international A4 size. These images were all created in A4 size, so the U.S. letter size coloring sheet is a little clipped, but it didn't compromise the image in any meaningful way!

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Also, I did clean the original scan up a bit, but I'm trying to get this out to you guys (and gals) while you are stuck in the house! So by time I release it for the coloring book that I'm planning, I'll clean it up even more!



Here is the A4 version:

And here is the U.S. Letter size version:

Here is the original thumbnail, if you want to use it as a guide while you color!

Please also note that the logos are not the real versions, because I was worried about copyright issues from the logos when I put them in my coloring book. In the vein of manga and anime, I've used similar but different spellings and names. Sunoco became Sonoco, Tomei is Fomei, etc. Hope you don't mind, it's for a good reason!

For more specs on the real machine, check out D1GPs official profile, here!

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!! Wash your hands, don't touch your face, stay inside if you've been asked to shelter in place.... WE GOT THIS!!!!

Dustin Mankin OUT! Peace!


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