Jun 18, 2019

Back in Black

Black Faceless 180SX Looking Awesome

by Dustin Mankin

Well, I just renewed my domain for two years at 36 bones, so I better use it! And what better way to use it than this! Man oh man is this 180SX gorgeous. I actually shot this a while back, and found these pictures while I was digging up some footage for the Project 180 series on our YouTube Channel ( www.youtube.com/exitevideomagazine ). I don't know why I didn't share it sooner, but as soon as I saw these photos, I knew exactly why I took them in the first place. I love this car. Lots of Uras goodies, like these Type 4 side skirts.

The car is riding on 17's, which happens to be my favorite diameter for the S13. SSR Professor SP1s are always a nice touch on ANY car! Tire sizes up front are 215/40/17, and the rear is 215/45/17.

And the flames? That's an old Uras rotor cover. I don't think that's my cup of tea, but I've never seen one in person before, so that's really cool. Those are some of the differences between the Japan and American market. I don't think we'd ever support that in the US, but my image of Japan is that they LOVE stuff like that. 

Also, judging by the tire cracks, I don't think these are the tires that he's going to be sliding on. That's definitely some old rubber, and there is no way that that is safe. Probably just some rollers while he gets everything sorted.

The back bumper is once again Uras Type 4, and we can see dual blast pipes and some aftermarket tail lamps. Who is anybody's guess. I think most of the aftermarket stuff looks the same. Even the *gasp, sacrilege * Ganadors. 

Bumperless up front, but I'm sure this was Type 4 as well....

We do get an awesome chance to see the front mount on this car, though. With piping that I'm sure was designed to keep the side mount pipe setup. At least he can keep a full size battery if he wants to run some audio. Running audio off of my Kei-Car Battery sucks.

Also, this intercooler might look small to some people, but if you aren't running a gargantor top mount, this is probably about the right size for a bottom mount turbo.... Japanese opinion. So of the guys still run a side mount IC for bottom mount whirly bois.

And more Uras goodies... in the form of a Type 1 hood vent. Actually seeing this car is what cemented my idea to go with a rivet on hood vent. I love the look. Even if I did a carbon fiber hood, I'd look for a carbon vent and rivet it on.

How can I say this without being wishy‐washy or sounding like an ass... the engine looks awesome while being fairly low tuned. I don't know if I succeeded with that comment or not. Honestly, the engine bay is pretty period correct, matching the styling.

Cars built around the time frame of this one weren't balls-to-the-wall full out drag-car-levels-of-power cars. A guess (and only a guess) is that this thing is around 320-350 hp. Low mount turbo (couldn't see which one and I didn't ask) and a smallish intercooler are the main reasons that I'm at that range. Pure speculation.

Buuuut... let's talk about what we DO know.

We'll start with the BOV in the top picture. That is a *rare* CA Prof Sheepdog BOV. I racked my brain (and Google) for 30 minutes, and finally had to resort to a search for "rare bov" and it was waaaaaaay down in the 3rd page of results. Wow. Used to know this stuff by heart and when I saw it, I slapped myself in the face.

That manifold could be anything under there... HPI, Silk Road.... ANYTHING.

The air cleaner and suction pipe are Sard parts. That one was obviously easy...

The air from the turbo is chilled out via an Apexi Hybrid Intercooler.

The GP Sports cooling panel makes sure that as much air as possible gets into the radiator... I need to get one of these...

Up last, as usual (I'm predictable, ok?!) are some shots from the interior. We can see a c-pillar bar, and some old school style add on speakers sitting on top of the rear deck shelf/privacy screen. What JDM car would be complete without some BRIDE Holding Monster seat action?

Turning around, driver turning inputs are made through a Momo steering wheel and I think I see an old school Japanese GPS past that. Nice.

And because Japanese cars are not impervious to dash cracks.... an awesome dash mat. Sometimes I wish I did that instead of a flocked dash, to be honest...


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