Jul 22, 2018

Speed Build

The Garage Waizu 2JZ Powered S13 Silvia

by Dustin Mankin

I've gotten to do a lot of cool things in my life, but maybe sitting in the pits at a D1 event is one of the coolest. It probably ranks up there or surpasses hanging out in Chris Forsberg's pit area and trailer, and being invited to private parties at Vaughn Gitten's uncle's house.

Thanks to Yuri-san and Shimoda-san at Garage Waizu, that definitely got to happen. I was at Autopolis, D1GP Rd. 3 and had taken a couple of low quality cellphone videos of Shimoda-san's passes, which I sent along to Yuri-san. Just friendly stuff, since they had been so nice to me at their last drift day. Wasn't expecting to be asked if I was still at the track, or asked to stop by their pit. But I was... and I did.

I got in just in time to see the car coming back in from it's previous heat, and I thought I'd take the time to snap some video. I'm glad I did. This car is really pretty awesome. Even more so, when you realize it was built about a week or two before the event. I had been watching them via Facebook updates. It's really amazing to see something come together through the internet, but then inspect it up close in person.

Check out our Instagram ( @exitevideomagazine ) to see more
photos like this one. This was posted THE Day of the event.
That means you'll have front row access to JDM Drifting!

This car uses a ton of Uras parts, which I really approve of, since I do live in Kyushu, and Nomuken is from Fukuoka. He has done a lot for the Kyushu drift scene, and I love to see all of these Kyushu Drift Resources coming together! This Hood is using a Type-2 Uras hood vent, although the hood itself is an Origin fiberglass part.

Both the fiberglass wide fenders, and the overs are Uras units. I think these are the semi-works, which are a little narrower than what Nomuken runs on his own R34. Much with Kyushu style, the overs are not riveted on, but rather fastened with screws.

The rest of the kit is Uras, as well. It's a Uras Type-4 Kit. I've really been digging this kit myself lately. It's the same one that Nomuken runs on the red Uras S13 that his son has been driving.

Uras S13 Silvia being campaigned by Nomuken's son.
Another awesome car. You can see more of it below!
I took some video at Stance Nation Nagasaki.

A top mount GCG Turbo makes this 2JZ pretty strong... haha "pretty" strong. But one of the coolest things about this setup is the wastegate location:

Out of the damn sideskirt like a boss! You can get more engine specs from our video of this car below. But before that, we have to show you the cockpit...

OMP Steering wheel... and most importantly an S15 Dash. That's awesome. I've seen it in other cars, before, but I'm still always impressed when I see it in person!

Below is the video, which, in my biased opinion is a MUST WATCH:

And then below is a closer look at the Uras S13 running the same Aero. I love this car, too!

Jun 16, 2018

Mika Changing Tires

Girls' Festival Drift Day

by Dustin Mankin

I think she's using the exact same jack as me. I asked her about it and I'm awaiting a response, lol. She's a pretty good drifter and a great person!

This is from my latest upload. If you haven't watched it yet, you can check it out below, or visit the actual YouTube site and leave me a comment! I try to answer to everyone there!!

Girls' Festival Drift Day in Saga Japan

New Video On Our YouTube

by Dustin Mankin

We just dropped a video from the Girls' Festival in Saga, Japan. The areas that I could shoot from were kind of restricted, so it left me wondering how I was going to shoot this thing and edit it... then as usual, an idea came up and I made the most of it. I think it came out pretty nice!

Of course you can watch it below, but if you have a YouTube account, I'd appreciate a comment over that way. And if it's in your heart... a like and a share. We always have new content coming out from Japan, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks as always, your support is humbling. 

Jun 1, 2018

Hey guys! I'm back after a long hiatus on the blog. I think the blog will become more like a diary, so you can see more of the process behind the channel and Insta (and Facebook, too, even though their algorithm makes me not wanna really do anything there. And yes, I know Insta and FB are connected).

What a way to return to the blog, though! I am just now getting the time to be able to go through my drift footage, since the season was so busy early on! I am going to an event next weekend as well, but as it stands, my backlog is about 2 months behind! YIKES! I better get to editing! Anyway, here is the video, and if you could be so kind, please LIKE, SHARE, and SUB! I'm trying to get my videos to more people and grow our community, but I can't do it without you!

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