Feb 14, 2017

Ice, Ice, Baby:

An Ice Blue S14 in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

Here is an oldie! I've been going through my old unused photographs on my hard drive. I know it's been a long time since I posted a real blog update, I hope you guys didn't forget about us, here! I've been super busy keeping my YouTube (youtube.com/exitevideomagazine ) going with lots of new videos. YouTube's algorithm is a beast.

Also, sorry for the (lack of) photo quality. A lot of these old ones were snapped on my old iPhone 4S from back when I first came to Japan!

I know it's hard to tell in the pictures, but this guy really is more of an ice blue than a silver. The color was really pretty in person. Actually, this whole car was pretty in person. I know it isn't slammed, but that is something you have to understand about Japan. Not every car is shakotan or onikyan. A lot of owners that are into racing or drifting find the right height that actually makes the car perform the best. I can't say for sure about this guy, though; maybe all he could afford were springs.

The aero is quite nice on the car though. This car really keeps that standard early 2000's style in check. That was the height of my customizing cars and running around with the car guys, so I'm always going to appreciate this era of car, whether anyone else does or not.

And believe me when I say nothing screams early to mid 2000's more than those small aluminum GT Wings, most people having picked them up on that new sensation... eBay. In Japan, Yahoo Auctions is still the name of the game, by the way.

The last little thing that I wanted to talk about was the wheels. Got to love Super Advan tri-spokes. Well... I mean you don't have to, it's definitely an acquired taste, but I do. I have since NOB (Taniguchi) had them on his Genki HKS S15 D1 car.

I will try to update the blog weekly with a fresh article, on top of all the video announcement posts. BTW, If you want to see pictures more often, please check out our Instagram ( exitevideomagazine )
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