Nov 3, 2016

Throw Back Thursday:

Yin and Yang

This is absolutely the last set of photos from the Nashville IA 2011 meet. But these photos are
special to me. You see, these photos are of my old Nissan cube and Paul C.'s Nissan cube. Both Z12s. Actually, both Paul and I have moved on from the cube game. And no, the lowercase "c" is not a typo. If you look at the logo, the "c" is actually lowercase, so that's why I chose to write it that way.

Mine was a base model, and Paul's was a Krom. I picked a base model, because I thought the Krom's aero was not quite the direction I wanted to go, and I couldn't justify that most of the cost was on that aero and wheels that I was going to change out anyway. Paul's Krom did look amazing, though.

Another difference is the ride height. Paul and I both lowered our cars, but Paul went with K-Sport coilovers. I wanted coilovers, but I just hadn't gotten there yet.

I wanted to maximize my budget to get many things done, and then go back around and perfect various parts. Also, I was trying to make how-to videos, and doing it that way gave me the opportunities to make a lot of different videos.

My car was lowered on Megan 2" drop springs. The ride wasn't horrible, and it looked low until I saw Paul's. Lol. By the way, I do have those springs in case anyone is interested. Hit up my email. (at) gmail (dot) com . Sorry about that, but the spammers are out in full force.

On the subject of footwork, This picture is a good chance to check out our wheels. Paul was sitting on a nice set or Work Eurolines, I believe in 17". Don't hold me to that, it's been a long time. Mine were SRR Vienna Kreis in 18x8 + 25 up front and 18x9 +25 in the rear. I can't remember my tire size, but I was using Nitto Neo-Gens for the tires. I had used them on some of my sportier cars before, and I've always thought they were good all around summer performance tires. Not a beast in any category, but a REALLY well balanced amount of grip/life/price. But it's not like a cube really screams "race car."

Doesn't matter if I show his GA tags off... he sold this thing to Car Max a long time ago.

A lot of our mods were really similar, except since he had the Krom, he didn't bother to get a grill. I on the other hand, rocked the ATi grill. I did get a really good deal, thanks to a partnership between my sponsor, Bean Garage, which you should visit; really good guy, and ATi. I actually made a video on my old account of the install. I think I will throw it up on a blog post for you guys next week.

Apart from that, I had an awesome stereo system, especially considering the budget I had to work with, and an AEM short ram intake that I bought used from someone with a Versa. I highly doubt the short ram gave me any performance, but it did make the cube sound a lot better on throttle.

Well, there is a little bit more on my cube. I have just a few more pictures that I might throw up at a later date. I really did love this car, and now that my building and fiberglassing skills are improving, I'd love to have another. I think I could totally mold that car into the cube I originally wanted. Time will tell.

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