Oct 19, 2016

Sea Sick EG6

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Sea Sick!

Sea Foam Green EG6

by Dustin Mankin

This is the last of the old pictures from the IA event at Nashville in 2011. I won't necessarily say I saved the best for last, but this definitely isn't a bad send off. I actually love this shade of green on this EG6. 

Just like the last EG6 that I showed off, this one is clean an pretty balanced. It has a little bit more camber than the other car, but not enough to make this thing purely a stance car. I think this could still get some street action. It definitely would look at home on the Osaka Kanjo, if they put a number plate on the side.

I wish I had gotten a better angle of the engine bay, but I didn't. Sorry about that.  It definitely looks clean in there from this angle, though.

This isn't the last of my US throwback coverage. I have a couple of posts worth of pics from an old NOPI drift event from around 2008ish. I'll post that up here over the next coming days, once again with the throwback logo from the last drift post. Do you guys like that logo better? I mean, I could always go back to it...

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