Oct 4, 2016

Hyper Fest Throwback Part 2 of 2


Hyperfest Throwback

Part 2 of 2

by Dustin Mankin

Alright, alright, alright! We are back with part two of the Hyperfest retrospective. Today's photos were taken by my man, Sean. He's a good friend of mine, and he is always there in a pinch. He has been my main clutch, recently. Looking back on these pictures makes me realize he's been there for quite a while. Good lookin' out, fam.

Yesterday's photos were mostly rolling shots and static shots. Today, however, I got what you are looking for... Action! Let's get to it!

I'm gonna be up front and say, I can't really remember most people's names. from this era, save for Nathan Brasz, whose car is down below. However, John Waggoner's S13 240SX hatch was one of the most gorgeous hatches at the event. Also, big thanks to Cody E. for reminding me about John Waggoner and James Evans. I can't believe I forgot.

The weather was actually pretty perfect for taking pictures, just a little overcast. And as a dirty, filthy ginger, I can also appreciate the minute amount of UV protection I was afforded.

I'm not quite sure where his front bumper went, and I don't really recall seeing any course outs from him, but this is more in the direction we want to go. Flashy paint, big wing, just a nice stylish car. I really wish the community would start doing this again.

Here is another gorgeous car. It belongs to and is being driven by James Evans, founder of Sikky Motorsports. Definitely caught those Nismo JGTC (Now Super GT) vibes off of this car.

More of John Waggoner's S13 at the event. 

A clean Chuki, making it's rounds. Not every car has to be flashy. Stock styling isn't bad. This gives off that mid to late 90s drifting vibe. Think about Initial D. Almost all of those cars were stock bodied for the early half of the series. Even the wilder cars, such a Keisuke's FD had factory performance aero. It wasn't until later on that Takumi got an OEM style CF hood. Stage 4 saw Keisuke's FD getting a mix of Mazdaspeed and Amemiya parts.

Yee-haw. Grab your sister for some consensual... ahem... it's nice to see a drift car made out of a less often used chassis. Is it competitive? I'm not sure. But if drifting is about style, then there has to be some merit in taking the road less traveled.

And here we have Japan's finest, an R32, vs. America's finest, a F-Body Camaro.

Continuing the trend of absurd but refreshing.... the Whiplash DVD drift truck. I wonder what happened to Whiplash DVD? They were pretty fun to watch. Actually, I miss the DVD days. When a friend used to get the newest Whiplash, 360, Mischief, Best Motoring, etc. and everyone had to go to their house and watch it. I feel like social media ruined that.

Matt Martin's amazing looking MA-Motorsports sponsored S13.

And for the S14 guys.... a little Zenki love! I still love the Zenkis. Maybe even more than the Koukis! Don't kill me!

This blue S13 coupe went HAM all day.

And even off course a few times. But you'll never know how good you can be if you don't push it.

And here is Nathan Brasz, throwing it down as usual. He never failed to please. I was really sad to see him move on to other motorsports.

And we are almost done folks...

But I had to get this one in. It is honestly one of my favorite shots of the whole event. Does anyone want me to remake this as a wallpaper? I'll scale down my logo so it's not all up in your face... but this is just nice.

Hit me up with your comments. Did you like my drifting retrospective? This is how it was back in the day... just a hell of a lot of fun... and that's all drifting should ever be.

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Until next time, do something exciting!!!


  1. Do you remember who the pilot of the f-body was? That thing sounded nasty!

    1. Man, I wish I did. That was honestly one of the sharpest looking cars there that day, besides Wilkerson's S13 and the Sikky Z33.

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