Sep 17, 2016

Bosoooooooooo Amazing

New Video Upload

by Dustin Mankin

The new video is up! This time a short but sweet video, featuring an amazing S130 Fairlady Z! Go get it!


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Sep 16, 2016

S13 Hatch (180/200/240SX) Reverse Light Gasket Template

Hand drawn, but she'll get 'er done.

by Dustin Mankin

I was working on stripping some parts to prep the ole 180SX for paint, and then I thought instead of overpaying Nissan for some foam gaskets, I'm gonna roll my own. As I was drawing the template, I thought it would be a good chance to give back to the community. They aren't perfect. They definitely aren't CAD... but sometimes a simple hand drawn pattern is all you need. If this helps even one person, then it was worth the (minimal) effort.  

I have included 2 PDFs that you can download. One is in A4, which AFAIK is everywhere except the US, and the other is Letter size, which is for the US. Sorry to my US friends, but the scale checking measurement is still in CM... by the way, what is that?

There is a little mark that says 2CM. I included it, so you can measure after you print it out, and check that everything is to scale. If it's not 2CM, then you should scale up or down accordingly.

Also, I bought a 7mm hole punch (the kind for leather, etc.) to punch my holes. The bolts for this part are M5 5mm bolts, so this should be plenty. A 6mm will also work.

Good luck on your builds, guys!!!

Sep 8, 2016

Throw Back Thursday:

Chris Moore's 2003 WRX

by Dustin Mankin

Chris Moore's 2003 WRX, that I'm sure doesn't even look the same anymore from back in 2011. These pics were snapped outside of Import Alliance, the east coasts' largest hard parker show. Chris, I can assure you, however, is no hard parker, and he has the rebuild receipts to prove it.

Chris Moore... I need new pics... and more importantly, new videos. Don't worry, I'll hide and Mosaic Shit.

Sep 5, 2016

My Old Z12 Cube

I Kinda Miss This Thing

by Dustin Mankin

Well, Facebook reminded me that 7 years ago, I bought this thing new. At the time, my S13 wasn't running, and I was borrowing vehicles from every family member imaginable to get to work. We had a schedule, and they didn't care, because I was heading to one of three 20 hour a week part time jobs; but they did want me to get a vehicle.

My grandmother co-signed, even though she really didn't need to, and I picked up my new base model 6-speed Nissan Cube. I wanted the "Steel Greay" Gunmetal, but they didn't have one in. I settled on the black, and in the long run, I'm glad I did. In my opinion it was a much more VIPish color, and that's the direction that I wanted to head in.

This is where I was at 3 years later... It's a shame that my SSR Viennas got dented by the shitty Tennessee roads. I didn't bother to fight it. Kentucky has fucked up three sets of wheels of mine and never paid up. Always sent you running in circles. And yes, I dropped an f-bomb on here. It makes me that mad, but that's another story.

The specs as you see it are: a Kaminari spoiler (loved that "Ken Style" vibe), an ATI Grille, 18x8 and 18x9 SSR Vienna Kreis (offset escapes me, sorry), Megan Racing 2" Drop Springs, and a AEM cold air intake. The inside had a clear-black bubble knob (I'll make a video showing how to do it for anyone that is interested.), a wood grain Momo steering wheel, and a NRG short hub with Gen 2.5 Quick release. Oh, and a ballin stereo system. If anyone wants specs, I can post that up, too.

It wasn't the fastest, or the flashiest car I ever owned, because let's face it, it is hard to pay the bank and customize a car, if you have to work three 20 hour a week part time jobs just to make ends meet. But I took my time, and every part that went into my car was quality and name brand (maybe with the exception of the NRG stuff... it's ok, but it's not Works Bell, right?) and that made me proud.

I'd like to own another one day.

What was your favorite car? Sound off below in the comments.
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