Aug 22, 2016

Ole Blue...Honda's first vehicle, EVER!


Ole Blue...

You Thought the Ridgeline was Honda's Only Truck?

by Dustin Mankin

This right here, boys and girl's is a Honda T360, and the T360 is Honda's first vehicle...EVER. It came out four months ahead of the S500. The S360 Prototype and T360 share the same chassis, and the engine of this model of truck was in the prototype of the S360.

The truck was introduced in June of '63, and would be in production until 1967. In total 108,920 of these blue bombers would be made. And I can call them all blue bombers, because they only came in this shade of blue, called "May Blue."

Judging from the sign in the window, this particular truck is an AK250E powered model, which received the engine from the S360 prototype mentioned above. There was also a T500 model, which shared a chassis with the S500 roadster.

The reason the oil cap is where a gas cap would normally be, is because this baby was mid-engined. It had a top speed of 100kph or 62mph, which isn't bad at all, considering it had only 30 horsepower. The engine did hit 8,500RPM, though, a nod to their motorcycle heritage.

This truck is just a normal pick up truck model. There were a few other variations, including a flatbed, a flatbed with folding sides (much like modern kei-trucks), and a van variant.

So next time someone is shit talking a Ridgeline, remind them that Honda's first vehicle was a truck! 

Now, I wanna see someone paint a car in "May Blue." Who's doing it?


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