Aug 3, 2016

Bungotakada Vendors' Sample

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  Bungotakada Vendors' Sample

Wish I'd Have Kept My Hotwheels Hakosuka...

by Dustin Mankin

One of the cool things about going to the vintage car shows, is the cool stuff that you find. Sometimes just random collectibles, and sometimes not so old stuff, like these Hotwheels. Before I moved to Japan, I unloaded most of my Hotwheels collection to help finance the trip. I think I let the Hakosukas I had go for like 20 bucks..... could've got double in Japan!

There are tones of vintage magazines at the show. Some not as old, but still rare to find, as Book-Off keeps reducing it's old car magazine selection.

But then you run into some vintage magazines, like these old Carboys. To me it seems like 1980 isn't that long ago, since I was born in 1983, then I realize that was 36 years ago! Time stops for no man!

And for the guy doing a restoration, sometimes you find the odd vintage part. Steering wheels are actually fairly common. But finding one in good shape is not, as the top is almost always eaten away by the cancerous rays of that unrelenting Japanese sun.

What kind of things to you find at the car shows and swap meets in your areas? Hit me up with a comment below, and let me know you are alive.

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