Nov 22, 2015


Sorry, I've Been Away Last Week!

I was busy marrying the love of my life! (Besides Cars, lol.... Sorry honey!) Speaking of which, we will be starting on RPM again, soon. Around the second weeks of ||January. We got into a new rental house that needed some work, and that ate up a lot of time, so the blog went dark for a while! Sorry!

Nov 15, 2015

AE-Eighty Eh...

Poor Hachi

by Dustin Mankin

Well it looked nice on the outside.....but those seat doilies are pretty coo.... shit.

Three Amigos:

Bungo Takada Custam Car Show

by Dustin Mankin

Ok, this seriously is the last shot of the Hakosuka, Starlet, and Carolla from the Bungo Takada Classic Car Show. I'm moving on next to an AE86, but it might not turn out like you expected. And I am still getting to the article about the hand sign used by Tra-Kyoto.

Nov 14, 2015

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