Oct 18, 2015

Brown Town, Why? Because Nissan B310 Sunny

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Brown Town, Why?

Because Nissan B310 Sunny

by Dustin Mankin

I found this fairly clean sunny wagon in Bungo Takada. This would be a fun little car to get around on the weekend in. It's still going to draw attention, because they just don't keep cars like this around, but my girlfriend won't be complaining about the harshness of the coilovers like she doesn't in the 180SX.

I'd ditch the exhaust, though. I'd probably go custom piping into an Apex'i Worldsport muffler. Quiet when you are in chill mode, deep and throaty when you are on it. All while not looking like a high school kid that wanted a Type R, but got stuck with his dad's old work car instead.

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