Apr 1, 2015

Box Car: Hakosuka at Bungo Takada Car Show

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Box Car:

Hakosuka at Bungo Takada Car Show

by Dustin Mankin

"Box Car? That's dumb. This isn't a Scion xB or Nissan Cube..." I can here you saying now. I'll share something that I just learned 2-weeks ago from my Japanese teacher, while asking him a question about the RPM Manga (did I mention it will be back in two weeks?). He was laughing and asked if I knew why this generation of Skyline was called Hakosuka.

Hako = box + ka- = car. Quite literally, it means boxcar, due to the iconic roof shape. I already knew what both of those words meant alone.... I just never thought to put them together within the word "Hakosuka."

This one is a pretty standard Hakosuka, complete with the standard wheel arches, as seen below. I'm a little disappointed that the car has a "500" number plate. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, I'll go over it in a few weeks, after the coverage of the car show is over. I found a real gem, based on number plate alone, last week.

Lookit dem meats on those classic Watanabe's, son!

And what's the MG Midget looking thing in the background? That's tomorrow my fair readers. For now, just remember.... sometimes "box car" can mean more than a riced out xB....

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