Mar 26, 2015

Black CTR in Fukuoka

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Black CTR in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

Hey guys... and now everyone is asking... WHERE the FUCK have you been? I'll just say around. I was getting a little burnt out with everything for a while, so I just bounced out. But hey, for the Civic guys, I'm coming back with a great EK9, and when I say EK9 in Japan, it means a REAL honest-to-God EK9.

Found this thing wondering around Fukuoka, and I thought it looked pretty good. Definitely good enough to share on the blog!

It's kinda odd, because everyone in the states that does a CTR conversion always goes with Phoenix Yellow or Championship White, but this black looks good, too. One of the few exterior mods is the mid-wing on the back, and too be honest, I've never been a fan of those.

Sitting pretty on what looks like Advan RGIIs. I'm gonna say they are legit, used wheels are too cheap here to buy fakes. There is also an Advan triangle sticker, if you look on the front fender in the very first picture.

And a stock interior.

Sorry for the delay guys, I'll try to be around more often. I'm gonna throw up the Throwback thursday also, so you'll get a double shot today!

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