Jan 9, 2015

TBT: Fresh CR-X

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Throw Back Thursday:

  Fresh CR-X

by Dustin Mankin

Sorry, I know I missed the mark by a few days, but this week's been a little hectic, getting back in the groove of everything and editing a brand new video. This one from an event in TN.

This is a good example of a build you could pull off on a super tight budget. The wheels don't even look like custom steelies to me, just painted. The stance is brought down, which to be this low, says coilovers, but maybe a budget brand. The paint, however, looks really nice, and I would imagine, unless he sprayed it himself, that it was the most expensive thing on the build. We also have the mandatory roof rack, as well as clear corners.

and a lip.... does that look like garage door molding to you? If it is, it still looks good, and the only error was that top corner looks like it stops just a little bit short.

Still when coupled with the other CR-X in the background, which was featured here, makes a nice little budget duo roaming the streets daily.

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