Jan 22, 2015

Small Engine Madness: Retired (?) Go-Kart in Fukuoka


Small Engine Madness:

Retired (?) Go-Kart in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

I was coming back from a day of walking all over Fukuoka, and I came across this. I didn't go into the store, because I admittedly don't know a thing about a go-kart, except that you can strap a Hyabusa engine on the back... and that's pretty cool.

It looks like it has seen better days, so I'm assuming that it's retired and just outside to announce the intentions of the shop inside... which is to sell you crap for your racing go-kart, obviously. I kinda want to put pvc over the tires and slide the fuck out of it though... who's in?

Then I saw this sign. After knowing katakana, I know that the name of the stor is actually R <3 Very, but at the time I thought it was Rovery (The heart looked like it wanted to be an "o."), which we all know would be great Engrish for "Lovely." Just food for thought.


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