Jan 19, 2015

RPM Special Feature: DR30 Skyline in G-Works Magazine

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RPM Special Feature:

DR30 Skyline in G-Works Magazine

by Dustin Mankin

I normally don't just scan magazines as an article, other than the RPM Manga Translation, but this tied in so well. Last week's episode, and this week's coming episode talk a lot about the Tekkamen, and the features, such as the red valve cover, etc. perfect timing, since this month's G-Works features a damn near mint DR30. I thought it would be nice to see a real live one in color. It was awesome to me, so I'm going to share.

It's hard to tell in the manga's black an white illustrations, but the red and black two tone DR30 is definitely something to behold. The car I'm about to show you differs only slightly, and that is mainly in the wheels section. The G-Works car is running some gold meshies, which is another popular wheel choice. Muto's has RS Watanabes. Also, the grille section is different, the magazine car has the Zenki bar style grille. Muto's is actually a Tekkamen, which in English means Iron Face.

Just click on any image for a full size image! These files are huge!

After seeing it in real photos, isn't it a lot easier to see how it can elicit these feelings and actions from the characters in the story? Or is it that the story has made me fall in love with them that much.... you know... they are over 25 years old, and I can import one if I ever come back.... hmmmm. Wonder what the future-wife would say?

What do you think? Hit me up below! I really want this blog to turn into a discussion forum. I love hearing different opinions!

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