Nov 20, 2014

TBT: R33 GT-R in America


Throw Back Thursday:

R33 GT-R in America

by Dustin Mankin

Not the most incredible thing to me anymore, with it being a near stock looking GT-R, but still fairly rare in the US. This one is an R33, so it's possible that it was legally imported by MotoRex, but that would make it retardedly expensive. Or... it could be grey market. In which case, if it is grey market, I wonder if the Department of Homeland Security has been chewing up resources to deport it yet... because, you know... Skylines are more important than 9/11 and the Boston Bombing, or Fort Hood, or the guy that chopped some woman's head off a few months ago.... Because we all know fast cars are deadlier than ISIS....


  1. Looks like a UK plate on the front and there is a law that says your allowed to bring your own car to america if you are going to be working or living there but you only get to own have it there for a year and you have to send it back or destroy it , if you dont i suppose someone may do it for you, Would be the only way to even see a tvr in the usa cannot mind where i heard this from i want to say top gear.

    Anyway i have liked the posts about you doing your car up nice but i need some RPM i dont want to rush you but i would like to know if its on its way haha

    1. Smokey... get your RPM Boner ready.... it's coming tomorrow!


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