Nov 24, 2014

Quick Snap: Celica GT-4 in Hakata

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Quick Snap:

Celica GT-4 in Hakata

by Dustin Mankin

I could just hear a loud ass exhaust and I turned around to see this thing, mid-turn. I fumbled with the iPhone to get this shot. It wasn't hauling ass, but even then you still literally get just seconds to capture these things before they roll by. THAT is the essence of the quick snap.

These Turbo AWD cars are unavailable in the states, although the previous model was available. Even being available, this is a pretty rare find, at least in my area of Japan. I would say up in Tokyo, Tohoku, and Hokkaido, they are more common. We hardly ever get snow down here, so there aren't many AWD sports cars this way. I have only seen 2 others in the 2 years I've lived here. Enjoy.

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