Nov 22, 2014

Project 180SX: Type-X Style Side Skirts

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Project 180SX:

Type-X Style Side Skirts

by Dustin Mankin

A good guy that is friends with people at the garage gave me these side skirts, absolutely free. And they are good. I had stated that If I got Type-X style side skirts, and not the real deal, I at least wanted the ones with the line, so that it appeared to be the two piece style, like the factory ones.... these had the lines. Great.

They were spray painted black, as all proper drift parts are, in Japan. We used some cleaning grade paint remover to remove the paint. We poured it heavily onto a rag, and then laid the rag on the side skirt for a minute or two. After it wrinkled up like a raisin, we just wiped it off, exposing the white gel coat below.

A couple of areas had some cracks and other damage that needed to be repaired with a combination of filling and sanding. Filler primer really is amazing stuff when it comes to leveling surfaces. Even though you should always do your best when you do body work, if not for the practice alone, it doesn't have to be as exact as it would if you were doing the work with traditional primer.

We just kept lightly going over the areas to build them up and it worked quite well.

One more thing to fix was the ends of the skirts, where they had been previously installed. We just put some tape on the outside end of the side skirt, and then we rolled fiberglass matte on the inside. When this was finished we leveled it out slightly with a belt sander. The outside was then covered with aluminum putty and traditional polyester body filler.

After priming,  a few areas that had slight imperfections were covered with glazing putty. Glazing putty is like body filler, but it is generally red in caller, and a little bit thinner than body filler. It is used to fill in the micro bubbles that traditional fillers leave behind.

After that, a little bit of spot sanding to smooth out the glazing putty, and then...

We block sand the whole thing down to make it nice and smooth. I hate sanding!

And there they are so far... and by so far, I mean I probably won't reprimer them until the car is getting ready for paint. Because here is a little bit of foreshadowing. I'm further along on the car than this, and I still haven't primered them...

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