Nov 12, 2014

Project 180SX: Front Wide Fenders pt. 5

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Project 180SX:

Front Wide Fenders pt. 5

by Dustin Mankin

At this point, most of the hard fiberglassing, and aluminum putty filling is done. They were cured under a heat lamp, (More like a damn heat flood lamp.... looks like it came out of Wrigley Field, that thing is huge!) and now we are moving on to the polyester filling stage... AKA Bondo.

Most of the filling took place to even out the area where I deleted the vent (obviously) and we went back to smooth out the arch over the wheel well, as well as areas up front, and some odds and ends.

And here it is, sanded down and smoothed out. If it's not 100% perfect that's ok on this project, 97% - 99% is ok! We are going to be doing several layers of gel coat to smooth out any imperfections, and to help hold this all together.

That will be the next and final article on these fenders. I know it seems like I've been talking about these forever, but seriously.... I worked on these forever. When you can go 3 hours a day, three days a week.... 9 hours a week is not a lot of time.... especially when you figure in the fact that, let's be honest, not all of those hours can be full tilt working hours. I've been posting about this things for about a month, and seriously, between this and the bumper I was working on these things about a month. I'm glad to be past it. I don't care if I sand again for a long time.


And here's the other side! I'm almost done!

Wait! What's this...


I'll be back Friday with the final post on these fenders that I'm bringing back from the dead.

Also tomorrow, I'll be throwing up a Throwback Thursday post, so stay tuned.

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Later guys and gals!

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