Oct 19, 2014

White Knight: A Nice R34 VSPEC II in Fukuoka

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White Knight:

A Nice R34 VSPEC II in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

I looked out the window of my girlfriend's house, and my eyes fell upon this. At first, I didn't know if it was real, or if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I always look in the parking lot accross from her house, and at times I have found a few things that are pretty cool... but like most import car enthusiasts.... I am so in love with Skylines. They make my heart melt. Like Indian Jones and the Last Crusade drinking-out-of-the-wrong-holy-grail melt.

It is rocking the NISMO Z-Tune Aero Kit, with damn near every bit, except, sadly, the fenders. I love those fenders.

Front a side winkers are matching smoked clear units, and then we see a set of aero mirros, making the package a little big more sleek for whipping down the Fukuoka Urban Expressway on those night time runs.

It still has the stock steering wheel but, check out the nice bracing inside. It's obviously not a roll cage, but a tension cage will shore up the sides of this beast, keeping it stiff looping around the never ending expressway. $6.00 race all you want! Just avoid the undercovers and the speed cameras that are EVERYWHERE!

A little Z-Tune Wingage.

And of course it's no surprise to you, but when I saw this VSPEC II Badge on the back, I about shit. It was like that car kept getting better and better!

And the last two pics proudly show off the sexy Work Meister S1 Wheels. Nice color Combo, as well as a really nice lip. It's definitely a performance car, and not a park it at a hipster meet and greet type of car, so it doesn't need 7 inches of lip.

This car is fine the way it is!

If any car is deserving of your comments that I've posted so far, this is the one! Hit that shit up,below!

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