Oct 20, 2014

Project 180SX: Front Wide Fenders, pt. 2


Project 180SX:

Front Wide Fenders, pt. 2

by Dustin Mankin

Alright, here we go...right on to part 2 and I'm listening to some Sweet Willie Brown on Youtube while I type this. Check out "Swag" it's a pretty nice track.

Anyway, when we left off, I had just sanded down the FRP Epoxy/Cocaine-Magic-Powder mix that I was using to fill some deep cracks and chips. If you are looking at the photo above, no I'm not throwing these fenders away, it's just that the garage is a little cluttered and there was nowhere to put this stuff. Pretty sure that water pump was for a 660CC Kei Truck, BTW.

After sanding all of that down, we added some aluminum putty to the arches to fix some areas and also to add strength. Not quite as hard as JB Weld, but this stuff gets ridiculously hard, almost like metal. Generally we have been using it when shaving holes, such as the rear window squirter and the radio antenna hole. It also works well in reinforcing busted FRP Fenders, obviously.

We put it on both fenders and gave it about 30-40 minutes to come to a good cure. As you can tell this fender was a little worse off than the other one, so it got a little bit more putty.

After letting them bake in the hot Japanese sun, it was time to start sanding them down.

Of course, these pictures make it look easy. Even with 60 grit on the DA, this stuff felt like it was NEVER gonna knock down. If you are using a DA, you better call off work for about a week, and get some Red Bull, it's going to be a while.

Once again, don't be scared by the low numbered grit on these papers, these are getting more work, and will also be getting sanded more later, before applying gel coat. Also don't forget that a DA's action causes the cut to be much more fine with the same grit than hand sanding would allow. I would imagine that a 60 grit paper on a DA will yielded results similar to 100-120 grit by hand. That's just a guess, but there are body work shops that talk about this in detail if you Google it.

And as you can tell, there is still plenty of sanding to do to these fenders. Part three by the end of the week, probably on Friday. I got a few more articles to get out this week, including the Matsuri 2014 event from Australia. I got a reader a press pass, and he delivered some solid pictures. I can't wait to share them with you.

Until then, hit me up with comments and criticisms on the build below.


  1. Loving everything about this build. Now find out where that Infini FC was parked in the Wasabi Cars video :)

    1. OMG, wouldn't that be the best... I'd just shovel it up onto a container! And send it to you.... since the US Department of Homeland Security is more worried about tracking down evil Japanese cars than they are legit threats to our security!


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