Oct 5, 2014

Project 180: Front Bumper Fix Part 2

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Project 180:

Front Bumper Fix Part II

by Dustin Mankin

The order of these first two photos is actually a little bit reversed. Body filler was applied while the bumper was still on the car to make sure that the bumper maintained it's shape. After the filler had cured, we moved it to the body work stands so that we could sand it down and feather it in.

That work was piggy backed onto a day of test fitting the fiberglass fenders, so after applying and sanding, the factory metal fenders were thrown back on with the bumper so that I could drive home and wait till the next free day to continue my work.

My glorious, beautiful waits at home...longing for the day it will be complete. I'm sure my neighbors also long for the day that it doesn't look like a complete pile of shit. Seeing as how it's going to be a drift car, I'm sure that lovely day will be short lived.

The factory hardware for the top of the bumpers were raised round headed bolts, but they would hit with the FRP wide fenders installed. I opted for flush sitting stainless steel machine screws. Stainless will help the rust, and hopefully I'll never have an issue were the screws break off. Stainless looks cool, but you will never be able to see these, so it's just a performance thing in this case... as in I need these screws to perform.

And here is a wider shot with the stainless steel screws installed, in case you were wondering about where they might be.

And, I got an idea from seeing several cars in Drift Tengoku...

Drilling holes at the outside corner will make the corners look rounded. I think that will help it look a little bit more professional, and less like a 31-year-old English teacher is doing DIY. I hope at least.

Here all four corners are rounded and we are ready to cut.

Cut... and looking ratchet as those skanks that keep trying to exchange sex for a ride in your nice car. The thirst is real!

The corners up by where the license plate screw holder goes (the black box clip looking piece) need to be rounded off a bit, still.

The top two photos show all of the jagged parts still hanging around on the hole...

And here they are removed. The lines I drew were straight, so I'm going to use a belt sander to try to remove any waviness in the lines. I just want it to look as good as possible.

Here, it's being primered. I just sanded everything with a 400 grit pad on the DA. The plastic will get hairy frizzes in it, but the filler primer smooths all of this back down, and then you will have a smooth paintable surface. Actually, I'm fairly pleased with all of this. It looks pretty good.

At the bottom there were some extreme scratches, but since I'm going to put a lip on over it, I didn't feel the need to repair all of this, because it was a waste of time. So it's not 100% perfect, but I'm sure it will see the infield at some point anyway.

The hardware for holding the bumper on to the car was rusty as hell, so I'm going to sandblast all of that and then hit it with some flat black before putting it all back together with some stainless bolts. I'll probably show that process here in a few weeks, but next week I'm going to turn my attention to the front fiberglass fenders. Come back next week for more progress!

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