Oct 23, 2014

Beaten, But Not Defeated: S13 Silvia at Queensland Matsuri 2014

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Beaten, But Not Defeated:

S13 Silvia at Queensland Matsuri 2014

Words: Dustin Mankin

Snaps: Gabriela Bolitho

While Ms. Bolitho waxed poetically about the life of this car, I'm just gonna say what everyone in the room is thinking. It's seen better days and it got fucked up.

And, if you want to know the truth, I wouldn't want to see it any other way. I like my cars slightly imperfect. Now, let me clarify that statement. I don't like sloppy ass shit that has been thrown together. Work In Progress... that's fine. A few things hastily thrown together to get it to the track in time for an event...guilty as we speak. But just not some slapped together shit that you are trying to hide behind words like "rat rod" or "drift slut."

If you are a car guy, you need to put passion into your work.

It's hard to judge after seeing three photos, but this car doesn't look slapped together to me. That lines on the panels that aren't smashed in line up nicely, and that's nice, because some many rear fenders look like they were put on by someone with a lazy eye.

But that rear wheel sets the tone... somebody had a bad day. That lip looks like a hookers lips after a busy day of "customer service." Herped the hell out.

If anyone knows the owner, I'd like to follow his progress to see the resurrection of this car. I'd love to follow the build. For the event, the car was beaten. But, as long as it gets back up, it can never be defeated.


More photos to come. If you like S-Chassis cars, get some new underwear.... the next post is all the photos that I received from Matsuri 2014 that included S-Chassis Cars.

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