Oct 27, 2014

The Best Shot:

My Favorite Photo of our Queensland Matsuri Coverage

Snap: Gabreila Bolitho

Words: Dustin Mankin

Sorry about the slacking off this week guys, I was working really hard to get my car prepped for a drift event. I didn't end up getting finished in time, because ultimately there was just too much to get done.

As most of my readers know, this coverage has been courtesy of some great friends in Australia. I thought I'd come back strong with what is (in my opinion) the greatest shot of the photos I received from Matsuri. My God, I'm in love with this photo.

Oct 23, 2014

S-Chassis Round Up:

The S-Cars of Matsuri 2014

Snaps: Gabriela Bolitho

4 Sentences: Dustin Mankin

I'm not even going to say anything on this post. Is it laziness? Yeah. But hell, Gabriela's Pictures are better than my words, anyway.

Beaten, But Not Defeated:

S13 Silvia at Queensland Matsuri 2014

Words: Dustin Mankin

Snaps: Gabriela Bolitho

While Ms. Bolitho waxed poetically about the life of this car, I'm just gonna say what everyone in the room is thinking. It's seen better days and it got fucked up.

And, if you want to know the truth, I wouldn't want to see it any other way. I like my cars slightly imperfect. Now, let me clarify that statement. I don't like sloppy ass shit that has been thrown together. Work In Progress... that's fine. A few things hastily thrown together to get it to the track in time for an event...guilty as we speak. But just not some slapped together shit that you are trying to hide behind words like "rat rod" or "drift slut."

If you are a car guy, you need to put passion into your work.

It's hard to judge after seeing three photos, but this car doesn't look slapped together to me. That lines on the panels that aren't smashed in line up nicely, and that's nice, because some many rear fenders look like they were put on by someone with a lazy eye.

But that rear wheel sets the tone... somebody had a bad day. That lip looks like a hookers lips after a busy day of "customer service." Herped the hell out.

If anyone knows the owner, I'd like to follow his progress to see the resurrection of this car. I'd love to follow the build. For the event, the car was beaten. But, as long as it gets back up, it can never be defeated.


More photos to come. If you like S-Chassis cars, get some new underwear.... the next post is all the photos that I received from Matsuri 2014 that included S-Chassis Cars.

Queensland Matsuri 2014

by Gabriela Bolitho

Nelson Mandela once said that there is no passion to be found in playing small. If there is one thing I discovered while exploring the Queensland Raceway for Matsuri, it was that no one was playing small. Our introduction to the day was a Silvia parked up near the entrance to the event showing signs of defeat and looking a little worse for wear; what we later found out was a casualty of the previous days antics.

As we walked through the gates and headed for the track, we happened across countless teams huddled in their spaces – some looking quizzically at their vehicles, some looking like they had no cares in the world and others laughing and joking with each other like the family they were.

Behind the row of cars and across the bitumen were all the people who had come to spectate the event. Beyond was the track filled with the people who make this event what it is.

As we continued to tour through, we came across more teams working together in the garage as well as a guy who was the only member of his team. We walked in awe of all the vehicles at the event and, even more, their drivers. We witnessed some malfunctions, namely a driver having a domestic with his bonnet on the track and were lucky enough to watch the owner of LoLux drift ute tear up the track as well.

"Ladies and gents, that is not all at all. I picked the pictures that best illustrated Ms. Bolitho's eloquent words, but she took so many photos. Starting tonight in Japan time, I will be posting several mini posts featuring the photos she took at the event. I just want to give the biggest shout out to Gabriela and her boyfriend Louis, which both made this series of articles possible! Thank you so much, guys!"

-Dustin Mankin

Oct 21, 2014


Drift and Grip Day in Oita, Japan

by Dustin Mankin

I shot this video earlier in the year, and just now decided to post it. We had a fun little track day at a Go-Kart circuit in Oita, Japan.

Some people were shaking down their setups, and some people were grip racers, but we got a little drifting in the mix, too. We got a nice JDM Civic Type R, a Subaru STi, an S14, S15, a brief appearance by an S13 180SX, an old Toyota Cresta and well.... that's it.

My GoPro suction cup totally broke off at the arm while I was waiting on the Green S14 to go slide.... Then got ran over! Those cameras are tough as hell! I'll never buy Chinese shit for my GoPro, again. I went out afterward and bought a real GoPro automotive mount.... it's solidly built.

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Oct 20, 2014

Project 180SX:

Front Wide Fenders, pt. 2

by Dustin Mankin

Alright, here we go...right on to part 2 and I'm listening to some Sweet Willie Brown on Youtube while I type this. Check out "Swag" it's a pretty nice track.

Anyway, when we left off, I had just sanded down the FRP Epoxy/Cocaine-Magic-Powder mix that I was using to fill some deep cracks and chips. If you are looking at the photo above, no I'm not throwing these fenders away, it's just that the garage is a little cluttered and there was nowhere to put this stuff. Pretty sure that water pump was for a 660CC Kei Truck, BTW.

After sanding all of that down, we added some aluminum putty to the arches to fix some areas and also to add strength. Not quite as hard as JB Weld, but this stuff gets ridiculously hard, almost like metal. Generally we have been using it when shaving holes, such as the rear window squirter and the radio antenna hole. It also works well in reinforcing busted FRP Fenders, obviously.

We put it on both fenders and gave it about 30-40 minutes to come to a good cure. As you can tell this fender was a little worse off than the other one, so it got a little bit more putty.

After letting them bake in the hot Japanese sun, it was time to start sanding them down.

Of course, these pictures make it look easy. Even with 60 grit on the DA, this stuff felt like it was NEVER gonna knock down. If you are using a DA, you better call off work for about a week, and get some Red Bull, it's going to be a while.

Once again, don't be scared by the low numbered grit on these papers, these are getting more work, and will also be getting sanded more later, before applying gel coat. Also don't forget that a DA's action causes the cut to be much more fine with the same grit than hand sanding would allow. I would imagine that a 60 grit paper on a DA will yielded results similar to 100-120 grit by hand. That's just a guess, but there are body work shops that talk about this in detail if you Google it.

And as you can tell, there is still plenty of sanding to do to these fenders. Part three by the end of the week, probably on Friday. I got a few more articles to get out this week, including the Matsuri 2014 event from Australia. I got a reader a press pass, and he delivered some solid pictures. I can't wait to share them with you.

Until then, hit me up with comments and criticisms on the build below.
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