Sep 13, 2014

Up Garage Fukuoka Part 2: That Van Doe or... So You Want to Change the Game?

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Up Garage Fukuoka Part 2:

Dat Van Doe, or.... So You Want to Change the Game?

by Dustin Mankin

It's not fast but it'll get you to where you're style. This was in the parking lot as well, and this thing is noice. If you watched my video from Fukuoka Custom Car show here, then you know what you can do to the inside of these things.

No evidence on if this thing is a love hotel inside or not, but the outside is turning me on. I want one of these things so bad. That's a true car guy. I'm not an American or Japanese or German car guy. I'm not only a sports car guy, nor am I just a stance guy, or a VIP guy. I like it all. I work primarily in the sports world, so I know the most about those type of cars, but to me cars are like Pokemon... I gotta catch em all, lame as that may be.

Even these wheels are nice. WHY is no one buying a Toyota Previa as a budget option, or a newer Nissan Quest and do this shit. Everyone is always talking about "changing the game this year" or "this is MY year" or some lame shit like that, but what do they build? A Stanced S13 or EK Hatch or S2000.... wow.... way to change the game, dude.

Tomorrow.... We go inside Up Garage.

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