Sep 23, 2014

Tochoji Temple Fukuoka

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Sometimes I just like to do non car related stuff on the blog. With the internet blurring the lines between what's USDM, JDM, Euro, etc., sometimes you lose that touch with what your covering, and I feel like posts like this bring it back. To me JDM isn't a car style it's a lifestyle. I mean, if that wasn't true, I wouldn't have moved here.

Anyway this is one of a few shots I took around the temple. You might think this is Sakura, but it's actually Ume (plum) blossoms. Before Sakura became so popular, these actually had more importance than Sakura... just like the car culture, even nature fanatics change their style up, every once in a while.

This wooden Buddha statue is an impressive 2 stories tall. This is the main attraction to Tochoji Temple, even though you can see that the grounds are nice as well. I am not a Buddhist, but this is still very impressive, just as a work of art. The way that the light floods the room also adds to the sense of awe and majesty.

Lastly, I took this picture, just because the juxtaposition of Old and New. This is always the most spectacular thing about Japan. I love how they managed to keep the old stuff, while building a completely modern city. This temple is in one of the busiest part of Fukuoka city, but when you step into it's gardens, the hustle and bustle just seem to disappear. Maybe that is the true mission of a Zen garden...

If anyone ever wants to come and visit, hit me up. I can give them very reasonable accommodations, and we can visit Fukuoka. Hit up some car shops, stop at a bar or two, visit the beautiful cultural landmarks and just enjoy life....

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