Sep 25, 2014

TBT: Huh?


Throw Back Thursday:


by Dustin Mankin

I was just telling my friend that all of the CR-Zs over here are making me want to do a K-Swap into one, one day.... then I just saw this thing, and it made me rethink it all. Granted this was built really early in the CR-Zs life, but there is no excuse for this thing looking like it came from a Trick Daddy music video.... classic wheels like the TE37 have existed long before this car came out. That JC Whitney Import Parts catalog from 2000 called.... they want their parts back. By the way... circa 2011 and this shit is still going on.


  1. Dem rims!!! lol this thing on some classy wheels and it wouldn't be horrible... Any fuel savings are probably wasted on those monster rims....

    1. Yeah, too much bling for me.... shoulda held out for a Lexus Hybrid. At least he could've halfway justified those rims.... and by halfway, I mean not really.


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