Sep 24, 2014

Quick Snap: Honda FD2 Civic Type-R in Minami-Ku


Quick Snap:

Honda FD2 Civic Type- R in Minami-Ku

by Dustin Mankin

Hey guys and gals. Just working on a couple of future blog posts (one I know you are really going to like), so I thought I'd drop off a Quick Snap. We haven't had one of those in a while. Enjoy!


  1. I love the white FD2's. Being a Honda kid now (2008 Civic Si Sedan FA5) I am really digging these cars. Now if we could get another Type R in the US.... I would have to really put some thought behind my next car purchase. (Currently it's an FR-S or WRX battle... but if a Type R came to the shores of the US.... I'd have a third in my list)

    1. I dunno why, but I've been craving to do a K-Series in a CR-Z over here.... I'm not into hybrids, but something about the CR-Z catches my eye.

    2. Oh no doubt, a K-swapped CR-Z would be the tits. Hell if I was further from work I would daily a stock one.....

    3. Yeah, I totally understand that. The Prius makes a noise that I can't stand. But the CR-Z while being a hybrid has an exhaust note of some sort still.


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