Sep 5, 2014

Project 180SX: Rear Half Spoiler

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Project 180SX

Rear Half-Spoiler

by Dustin Mankin

Man, the surprises keep rolling in! I just got a gift from Kenji, who owns the Red S13 with C-West aero that I was telling you about.

It seems that he gave me an old half spoiler from his car. Not a C-West one, but still...

Actually, no one seems to know who made it, or what style it's even based on. If you've been following the build up until, now, you know the plan was originally Type-X aero all around, but with the budget cramping at the moment, this will save me 100 dollars for something else. I've got Shaken (JCI for the mil guys), which is the mandatory 2 year road inspection. That shit is around 700$. Next time you complain about an inspection in that states.... try that chunk of change on. That's a set of coilovers, down the drain.

This month is also the month for car taxes, so that's another $425 gone to the government. Car $1,000... government fees $1,125.... sounds about right.

Want to rant about government bullshit that is heaped upon car owners? Let it out below, I'm in the mood to read.

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