Sep 29, 2014

CR-Z in Fukuoka


CR-Z in Fukuoka

by Dustin Mankin

On the way back from Up Garage in Fukuoka, I noticed this CR-Z. We've been talking about CR-Zs a little bit in the comments section of the Quick Snap Type R article, as well as the haggard one that I posted as a TBT last week, so I thought this might be a good time to touch on one.

For a hybrid that was developed when it was, it's not a bad car. We will soon forget about cars like this as better hybrids come out (wtf am I saying?), but as for all the hybrids right now, its probably the most sporty, even going against it's Lexus counterparts. When going against the Prius, it's a no brainer... this thing even has an exhaust note at launch... not the sound of a papa-aged transformer desperately trying to beat off.

I see what he was trying to do here, and unlike the ghetto sled from last week's TBT, this thing looks a lot better, but it just barely misses the mark. To me, to do blue on blue like this, the wheels either need to be perfectly matched, or maybe sky blue would also work... but the almost navy blue and royal blue do not complement each other well. If it was me, I would go for white or bronze wheels, or if you wanted to go highlighter colored, then maybe yellow or lime green.

But most definitely an A for effort.

And if you think the car selection has been a little bland lately, so do I. Hang in there though. I got something really nice coming later this week. I literally just post them in the order that I take them.


  1. I have to agree on the wheels. White or Bronze and it would have been perfect. I am leaning more towards bronze on this one.... (Maybe I just like bronze wheels on everything....)

    1. That's because Bronze wheels are F'ing classy!


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