Aug 12, 2014

RPM:Red Passion Men's Story SPECIAL FEATURE 1

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Sorry, this is the first time I've used Blogger from the iPhone. I don't know if I am a fan or not, but a lot of options are missing on the app, and the full version is a bear on a mobile device. I don't know how this will look on the page, so please accept my apologies in advance.

I'm on vacation with my amazing partner in crime, and we are visiting her mom, who has no internet. That's why I'm on the phone, if you are wondering.

Unfortunately that means no RPM this week. Buuut, I'm still using pencil and paper to get these pages ready for translation.

Since she is working a lot of over time now, we haven't had too much time to translate, and that's why the posts have become irregular. But, I think this is an answer to that problem, and RPM should be on a regular schedule again soon.  

I don't want to go into too much detail, because RPM's translation is going to have its first birthday celebration in October; hard to believe we've been doing this for almost one year!

I'm going to do a mini doc about our process, and I'll recap the story for new comers. I have to get started on it soon.
I hope it can bring more of my YouTube audience over to the blog as well, I really want to share this story with more people. I really feel that it's that amazing. It's a great story for the guys that grew up with Initial D. I was around 18 when the story started, and it ran for almost 15 years. I've been with it since year one of the anime.

This story suits me now as well as Initial D suited me then. Hang tight car manga fans. This one is going to get good!

Any thing you wanna see in the mini doc? Hit me up in the comments below! 

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