Aug 5, 2014

Quick Snap: Hello Kitty Threw Up in Someone's Car!

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Somebody needs to tell Hello Kitty to ease up on the Taco Bell... bitch just threw up all over this Honda Life (I think it's a Life).

Spotted this in Fukuoka, Japan by the way.

It's actually quite common to see themes like this. I mean the car does have a lip kit and aftermarket wheels that don't fit... but then they spent three times that amount on Hello Kitty and My Melody Plush, and then strung a dead Polar Bear from the roof.

If anyone wants to do this to their xB or Cube, hit me up. I can help you buy $300 of JDM plush and that horrible roof liner material.

Comments below... I hope someone is getting as sick as me by looking at this thing.

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