Aug 1, 2014

Project 180SX: Shaving the Rear Window Sprayer

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Project 180SX

Shaving the Rear Window Sprayer

Since we have to pull the glass soon to replace it, now is a good time to fix all the problems with the roof, so we can prepare for installing the glass. We figured if the glass was going to be out, we might as well paint the roof, since it would be easier with the glass out. On top of some small dents and dings that we fixed, I decided to get rid of the rear window sprayer. If I'm going to get rid of the rear wiper, it's kind of useless anyhow, right? Oops... Did I give away next week's blog topic...

After doing the normal sanding in the area near the washer squirter, we used a belt sander to take the immediate area down to bare metal. This also gave us just a slight depression, so that the filler would lay even with the rest of the roof when we were done. After that Taira-san cut out a small patch of metal from an old panel he had laying around, and put the fire to it. We built the weld up just slightly so that we could knock it down even with a belt sander.... more metal and less filler makes it more likely to not crack out, puff up, or any of the other shit that I've seen fill-ins do.
This is not your average bondo. Aluminum Putty has traces of metal inside, and gets really hard... hmmm. Anyway, this also makes it a real PITA to sand. Thank God we had DA sanders, because I would not want to knock this stuff down by hand.

When I was shaving stuff like this in America, I never bought aluminum putty, but I did use Bondo brand FRP Filler Putty. Like wise the stuff sets up like a rock and it also sucks to sand. The benefit is that this makes a solid base.

After you've sanded that down, just throw some regular style Bondo on it. Then sand. Then glazing putty. Then Sand. Then Primer. Then... shit that's boring.

So let's skip past all of that, and here's the finished primered result. Smooth as can be.  I'm pretty sure we are going to gloss black the roof when I change the glass. That way I can change to any color I want, and I never have to touch the roof. My S13.4 in America had a blacked out roof, and I really liked it, so we will wait and see.

Here you can see the masking line. No need to get so close and take our time taping super slow, when we are just gonna pull the mold and sand and prime that part again. Not lazy, just smart.

And here she is up to this part.

Shot from my deck on the second floor. This must be what my car looks like to all the birds that shit on it. I don't blame them.. I'd shit on it, too.

So what do you guys think so far? Coming along ok? I hope so! Hit me up in comments below, and don't forget to like my facebook page: . I've picked up a lot of followers lately, so I'm going to do a contest soon. Keep on the lookout.

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