Jul 17, 2014

Throwback: Brian Barnet's EG8 Civic 4-Door

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Today's throwback Thursday is the build of an old friend of mine. This car was built circa 2002 or 2003. It began life as a bone stock Honda Civic 4-Door Sedan (LX, I think), and became the car before you... save the hate. As I've said in previous TBT articles, the early 2000s were a different time in tuning culture. At the time, this was a really respectable ride. And compared to most aero on the market at the time, the Black Widow was pretty tame.
If I remember correctly the suspension consisted of some cheap brand strut tower bars, and some coilover sleeves, possibly a brand called Matrix. It had some "angel eyes" and eBay clear corners. The car's body work was done by Brian in his driveway, and the color was painted by Maaco for right around 250$. It looked decent for as long as he owned the car.... about the same quality as a factory job. It was great for the money!

I also don't want to forget that Brian was the first person in my town to swap a B16 into this car, and at the time, the stock B16 just felt like a beast. Little did we know that years later,it would not be enough. At the time though, we felt like kings... how times have changed!

And lastly, the 17s... The size every serious "Tuner" needed. Haha, or the only size most places sold at the time 17x7 +42 or some shit like that, with an emphasis on shit, by today's scene. This stance was the norm, and pretty good for a car that wasn't on bags. I'm guessing these are Nitto 450s, because that's what everyone ran as a basic street tire in my area at the time. The lug nuts were from Hayame Racing, and made of magnesium... it "made you faster because it was lighter, lol."

And you can't say that the car above looked like rice, when cars like this were the cover cars of the era. Cars like the yellow Prelude are what we aspired to, much like today's guys want to build a overweight sedan and buy only Coils and Wheels.... JDM hadn't hit big (maybe in CA), so we didn't know there was another way to build a car. And you know... that's ok, because we had a lot of fun!

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