Jul 16, 2014

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 30

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がはははははは means GA HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just in case anyone is wondering.

No car action this week, but the story progresses. I've got to get back on the ball of pumping these things out every week. I'm sorry guys, I've just been busy with the car. Speaking of that, I'll have a new post on the Project 180 page this Friday.

I don't know how a girl's dad could make her hate cars so much, but I guess we will find out. In my experience, girls that had dads that were car nuts, are at least accepting of the car life of their significant other, because that's a life that they are comfortable with. They may not LOVE cars, but they at least understand a man that does.

I wonder what's different about that in Japan?

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