Jul 4, 2014

Project 180SX: Priming the Fenders

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Sorry that this isn't going to be a set of step by step photos, but we were moving kind of fast at the garage, and there wasn't a lot of time to stop and do video. But really, at the same time.... do you really want to watch video of someone sanding something down for forever?
I did both fenders and also did the popup headlight covers. Total working time was around 4-6 hours foreverything...

...And these fenders were in shitty shape if you recall.... A DA sander makes everything so much faster and easier. Way better than hand sanding. If I had any advice for some one that wanted to do their own body work... invest in a DA and some 240 grit paper, and then buy the GOOD buildable primer, along with some 400 grit to prep it for paint.... it makes life so much easier.

That's where we are at, for the time being. My shaken (sha - ken) is coming up, so we are having to do some checks, which may lead to some upgrade parts. I know I need to get a new windshield, because of the world's smallest chip (lame), but there might be some other things I need as well, underneath. I'll let you know more about that next week, when we go over everything!

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