Jul 24, 2014

My Weiner Has a First Name.... TBT: Weiner Mobile

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Not many words can express what these pictures can... it's a Wiener Mobile made out of a damn Mini Cooper. Whoever said my wiener was mini never saw this thing... I mean... behold the girth! We found this thing in our hotel parking lot in Ohio (Xenia, maybe?) when we went to a Nopi Drift event around 2007. The folder was simply labeled June 6... Did the D in D-Day stand for Di...nevermind.
Miley Cyrus loves to come riding out on stage on giant wieners.... she needs to strike a deal with Oscar Myer and ride this fucker out on stage...
Dat Ass doe....

Anyways, this is a fun little ride... I'd like to convert it to rear wheel drive and drift it....

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