Jun 27, 2014

Project 180SX: Type-X Wing

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Here we go with another huge picture post. This one has a whopping 26 pictures! I knew from looking at the car before I bought it that there was some rust brewing under that sexy Type-X spoiler. I had just bought a drill and a brush wheel, so I was wanting to get to the bottom of it. I pulled the wing off, and the rust wasn't as wide as I thought, but it was a little deeper looking than I originally thought. I'll get to that in another post.

I took the wing to my favorite place to work on car parts.... the shower room. I didn't plan on sanding this thing down in here, but there was a lot of mold growing on this thing, and I thought it would be easier using a netted dish washing sponge, and car wash soap, while also using the aid of hot water. Also, I don't have an outside water spigot at the apartment, so there is that.

Sparkling clean.

 To get the legs off, there are three holes in the bottom that lead to Phillips screws. 1 of them was visible as soon as the wing came off. The other two were under thick 3M tape, so I couldn't see them at first. You'll definitely need a longer screwdriver for this. I don't know how the replica wings work, I only have experience with this factory wing.

The wing's paint was really flaky. I am pretty sure this was a factory paint job, so there isn't an excuse for it. On the other hand, Nissan's paint jobs don't have a reputation for being the highest quality of paint jobs... Every time I sanded an area, more paint bubbles would show up. The paint was literally flaking off, not sanding off. 

Honestly it was easier to just take a scraper an get under the paint and shave it off. This took forever to do.... honestly one of the worst sanding experiences ever.

And here she is with most of the paint sanded and razored. If the paint was holding firm I just scuffed it up with a wet 400 grit sand. I'll use a Scotch Bright pad in the areas where the wing stands mount up.

Breaking out my good friend, the Holt's thin putty, again.

And it's going to be the same situation on these wing stands...shit. Why is the factory paint that damn flaky?

 These two pictures above are after the work I put in on one of the wing stands. Here, it's primered and pretty much ready to go.

At this point Taira-san from T-Brand saw me working, and said I should just come to his garage and use the DA sander. He said I'd be an old man before I finished sanding the car if I sanded by hand. His garage is really close, only about 5 minutes away by car. I have a YouTube video below of the trip, set to a classy remix of some Biggie...

Taira-san used the sand blaster to do the second wing stand, and offered to redo the one I had finished so we could shoot some good filler primer on it. Of course I didn't say no. We came to a good agreement. I pay for the part of the materials I use, and also pay a small fee for the use of the garage and his help, whenever I need it. He's a nice person and the price is super reasonable.

Threw a 400 grit pad on the DA, and finished up the top half of the spoiler, which wasn't 100% completed. Now, however, everything was finished and ready to get some of that beautiful grey surfacer.

And there they are, all pretty smooth, and ready to wait for the final day of paint.

Taira-san said we should try some foam adhesive stripping and see if it worked good, so, even though the wing isn't painted, here it is. It provided good cushion and gave the wing some tension on the screws. We'll strip it when we paint the wing, and then add some more when we are done.

There it is, waiting to be put on the car, until we take it off to paint it again. Also, T-Brand is like a damn S-Chassis museum. There are parts everywhere.... Oh and that project AE-86 in the back. I'll get to that sometime!

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