Jun 6, 2014

Project 180SX: Bolts pt. 1

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Not the most exciting topic in the world, but if you want to have something nice, and save a little bit of money... read on! Everybody likes to customize their car, but not everyone pays attention to the details. Details like, well... bolts.

We are content to spend God-knows-how-much on the nicest intake manifold or the illest custom painted valve cover and then slap some crusted up bolts that are as old as the 20-year old car that they came in. Take some pride in your work!

We've all seen the fender dress up  bolts from Password JDM or BallerBolts.com. We've also seen the latter's bolt sets. Both are very nice sets, but we don't all have that much money, or if you are in my boat, shipping from the US to Japan may cost more than the bolts themselves, considering the weight.

I found a solution that I think is pretty sweet, and cost effective at the same time (especially for me in the land of the rising sun).

Look at the first picture on this article. Those are flat head allen bolts in M6 x 20, with rosette washers (ロセット in Japanese if you are searching). Very similar to the Password or Gallery Fender washers, but I bought 11 bolts and 11 washers for under $8.00 (800円) which is dirty cheap, considering the price of everything here. For a little more, I could have had polished stainless, but I didn't want the color. I'll discuss more on that later...you may stop scratching your heads for now. Anyway, that takes care of the exposed fender bolts.

 Above is the package that the rosette washers came in. A pack of three was roughly $1.53.

 This photo is of some button head allen bolts in M6 x 15, with locking washers. This will be used in most of the areas that can be seen where I won't utilize rosette washers. You don't want to use rosette washers everywhere, that shit will get cluttered looking....quick. If I need a bigger flat washer, I can get those as well.

Allen head bolts look a lot neater, space age, and dare I say it my race inspired. Is the last actually true? I doubt it, but I don't care.

In the areas that aren't visible, my plan is to use stainless, with the standard sized 10mm head where possible. I will also use other specialty heads if I need to. Whatever gets the job done. Obviously if the stock bolt is bigger I will resize as necessary.

Speaking of stainless... why am I not using stainless allen bolts? Well, they don't go with my color scheme. Also, by using these bolts in exposed areas, I can inspect for corrosion and replace as necessary. It's not that big of a deal.

I do plan to replace all of the bolts in this car as I go. I mean the car is almost 20 years old. So I'll be doing more research on the heavy duty bolts. I may go new OEM with some of those. Or I may break down and hit up ballerbolts.com.

As I replace bolts, I will put the size that I replaced them with. The goal is to make the much asked for list that never seems to surface. Sometimes, the size may be a little different from OEM, if so I'll notate it, and why. For instance FRP is thicker than the OEM sheetmetal, so for the fenders, I'm using longer bolts.

Oh, if you are in Japan, hit up a Handsman, if you have one near you. It blows GooDay and Komeri out of the water. Their bolt selection is comparable to something like Lowe's or Home Depot. It's like a bolt heaven....

Oh and my color scheme? Tune in next week... I shall reveal all.

Questions? Comments? Wanna call me a ricer for my race bolts comment?  Hit me up below!

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