May 4, 2014

White S14 Silvia Kouki in Hakata-ku Fukuoka

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I found this beautiful machine parked near an apartment in Fukuoka's Hakata Ward. This thing is pretty stunning for what appears to be a regularly used vehicle. It's not a widebody or anything like that, but in a pure way, this is what the Nissan S-chassis scene was all about a few years before the Hellaflush movement infected the scene like a zombie bite.

I took this series of pictures before I started taking detail photos of wheels and tires for spec information, but these look like 17s, and I'm guessing about 8" wide with a medium offset. The tires look pretty meaty on there, maybe a 235/45?

The rear keeps it simple as well with a rear add-on lip, instead of the usual full bumper. He's got a dual tip muffler (once again I didn't look, and about 90% of exhaust manufacturers make this style of exhaust). Looks like a D-Max rear spoiler and roof spoiler completes the rear view.

Nothing revolutionary or new on the inside. Just the JDM staple: a Nardi Wheel, a drift knob, and a shift knob; in this case the latter is a Trust unit. But what was interesting on the interior...

...was the hockey mask, that instantly reminds me of high speed racing on the Osaka Kanjo. For those not familiar with what that is, the Osaka Kanjo is Osaka's version of the Wangan Expressway. I really want a hockey mask for my car, too...

More visible from the front glass were the four gauges, which I think are Defi units. Damn, I love Defi gauges. I wish I had taken a video of the snowmen up front. They are solar powered and they bob back and forth, just like... eh you get the picture.

I've always been in love with the S14 Kouki. Almost as much as the 180SX. Maybe that's why I put the Kouki face on my 240 hatch... At any rate, this is a really nice example of a mid-level tune on an S14 Kouki.

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