May 20, 2014

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 25

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A little advice to the fellas...never admit to, allude to, or do ANYTHING, that might make your significant other feel that giving your car away is an option. The will zero in on that shit, just like a homeless man can find an eighth of a previously eaten Big Mac floating in the water at a raw sewage plant. Believe that.

Unless you magically became a car junkie after you were married, or dating, or whatever it is you're doing...they new you were a car junkie before you met. Muto has been taking care of the fam, and the manga doesn't mention that she has a dice.

What do you guys think? If you're handlin' your business, should you be allowed to spend your extra cash on your car?

Hit me up below. And to see my car project.... click on the Project 180 Header at the top of the page.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah u r absolutely right about that. just bought a NB Miata. and looking at JX90 TourerV . missus gonna kill me.


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