Apr 25, 2014

180SX Project Car: A closer look.

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A month or two ago, I posted images of the car that I had bought, and since that time I have done a lot of work to change the number plate to a plate from my prefecture, and soon I will be taking it in for the dreaded Shaken.

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, I had promised to show you a better look at what condition it was in, so here's that video. Also, I got some stills ripped from the video, so I can talk a little more in detail. Not everything is going to have a how-to, and I'm not going to go in depth on everything, but I do want people to be able to follow along on the progress. My plan has pretty much been finalized, and I'm preparing the stages with which I'm going to complete the work. I will reveal my plan, one stage at a time. Stay tuned. Video below, followed by stills:

Here is the car sitting. It doesn't look that bad from here, and it seems like little work would be required. Wrong.

You can already see the bumper is fucked up. The bottom has some scratches deeper than the ocean, and the top up there by the position light is messed up, too.

Here's a better look of the damage near the position light. Hard to tell from the photo, but it has some deep scratches and waves.

The other side luckily isn't so bad.

Here's the fender on the passenger side. Lots of rattle can work done here, and bad rattle can work at that.

When youpush on the paint work it magically bubbles up.... this is going to be fun. Not.

The worst spot is the rear of the car, that has not a dent but a damn crease. How in the hell did they do this? It was a daily, not a drift car.

Better look at this canyon in the rear fender.

This rear shot shows the roof and the hatch of the car. That roof was so oxidized it was ridiculous. And It looks bad in the photo, but the trunk is mostly good.... except for...

Major rust spots around the pedastals for the Type-X wing. Seriously, you can't put a wing on these cars without the hatch rusting all to hell.... but it's still 10x better than the rust that spawns from the foam wing hell that us American's find on the S13 hatches.

The door is misaligned. Where does it end!?

Apparently, back at the front bumper. This thing is rougher than the face of an 8th grader that never washes. I am definitely going to need to get some Proactiv on that shit.

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