Mar 31, 2014

White GC8 in Hakata

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I came across this baby while walking to the mall in Hakata. In my opinion, any Subaru after the 03 model just doesn't look so good. I know there are people that are about the tear drop headlights, but for me, it just doesn't do it. Bug eyes is the max. However... my personal favorite is the 22b. In this case we have a GC8, and that will have to do. She sure is a nice one though.

It looks mostly stock, minus some tastefully added stickers, and what could be some light coilover work. The GC8's looked ready to rock from the factory though, and apart from the Evo in the same years, a more ready to race look could not be found from another manufacturer.

Probably the only other thing I would have liked to see on this car are the headlight covers. But that's just nitpicking, now isn't it? Nice job, random Japanese guy.... I approve.

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