Mar 20, 2014

Throwback: Toyota MR2 in the garage.

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Time for another Throwback Thursday. Today I'm bringing you some shots from around 2003 again. This time we are in Huntington, WV, at my friend Isaac's garage/shop. These are the only shots I have of this MR2, but maybe when he sees this post, he'll dig up some more for me.

I remember going with him on his test drive in this thing. We bought it off of a kid who had a really nice (at the time) yellow Veilside S2000. He was wanting way less than the book for this. If I remember correctly about half of book value, and he said that the transmission was shot, but it would shift ok if we drove it normally...hard, quick shifts caused it to grind.

I had just replaced the clutch in my del Sol, and the symptoms were exactly the same. I almost guaranteed him that I thought it was a clutch and salve cylinder issue, and he should buy it and spend the 300 or so bucks to get it fixed. He looked up the price of a transmission, and I believe he said it was $1200, which still made this car way less than the book value. He decided to buy.

It ended up being the clutch or slave cylinder, so he saved a lot of money and bought a really nice car on the cheap. He didn't keep it very long before he sold a profit. I don't remember why, but I do remember it wasn't around for too long.

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