Mar 18, 2014

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 19


Muto wants to hate on the SA22C, but he can't help but praise it, even during his critical assessment. It also turns out that Kidoh is into engine swaps. But instead of going all V8, like that guys back home, he went a generation up, trading the 12A in for a 13B. Is there anyone on this blog that's done the same swap? I doubt it, but if there is I'd like to hear your story.

Oh by the way...did you realize this is the 105th page we have translated? If you are new, go back and start from the beginning. If you are not new... go back and read it again anyway. I re-read this whole thing at least once a month. Maybe I'll compile what I have into a PDF and do a give away. If you think that sounds sweet, let me know via comment below, or email me at

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  1. Glad to see you're translating RPM! Love seeing a Savannah on the pages of a manga!

    And I actually have done a 12a/13b swap and vice versa too! While I eventually hope to put a 20B into my GLS-SE, I hope its the last swap I ever have to do. I think the last time I did a swap in a first gen 7 it took at LEAST 36 hours of work. And doing the swap is a pain. As I recall, trying to put a 13b in a 12a chassis is fine as long as all you want is the engine block. All you have to do is get a new motor mount, and 12a-13b conversion mounts are pretty easy to find. Now say you want to swap EVERYTHING, electronics, tranny, EFI, and oil system, thats a PITA if you're doing it into an SA22C chassis because everything is different; oil cooler, tranny, shifter position, electronics, computer, intake, ignition, power steering, you name it. Basically what I tell everyone that wants to put a 13B into an SA22C, is that it would be cheaper to just find a 84/85 GSL-SE and save yourself a headache, a hole in the floor pan, and several holes in your firewall. Honestly I bet Kidoh had a moment during his swap thinking, "oh my god, what am I doing?!"

    Hope you're enjoying Japan! I actually just moved back to the states from Tokyo. Probably be back in Japan in a few years though!

    1. Thanks for the reply! I have a confession to make: I NEVER liked the DR30 until this Manga came out. And when it did come out, I was so disappointed that it wasn't a Skyline R32 GT-R... But after this manga, I'm falling in love with the previous generation of cars. If you can't tell from my project car page, I'm currently building a S13 180SX Kouki.

      I'll also be swapping an engine soon, although the S13 stuff is a walk in the park. Do you have any pics of your Gen 1 RX? I'd love to show it off in the mag, or at least see it.

      If you come back, I highly suggest moving out to the country side. I've been in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and now I live out in Ooita... it's a really rural prefecture... perfect for car guys.

  2. I did this recently, but I went carbd n/a on a Weber 45 with 75 mill trumpets. Super simple swap.

  3. i have a 1983 with a turbo ii swap. loads of fun!!!

  4. Great manga bro! And I love how you put your personal recap based on your thoughts and experience in the racing scene. I grew up watching initial D and read the manga, but now I’m in my 30’s I totally relate to the daily struggles this main guy has!! All too real lol. And ps. I drive an MX-5 NA and it’s my first car, so probably gonna end up like this kidoh guy haha.


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