Mar 12, 2014

Blue 1994 Honda del Sol (2002 Built) Throw Back Thursday

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Let's take a DeLorean ride back to 2002. Body kits were still in, and a must if you wanted to own a "fully built car." And fully built was a really vague term, in being that it meant what ever you wanted it to mean, but generally it meant a kit, paint, wheels, springs (or worse, those god awful coilover sleeves), strut tower bars, intake, manifold, and catback. At least in my area it did. And if you had a Zex 50 shot or Greddy turbo kit, you were a god.

AND.....that's really ridiculous now.

I didn't have a swap or anything, just a good old fashioned D16Z6, and I had it rebuilt. But the guy who rebuilt it was an idiot and timed it 180 degrees out, so when it fired up it bent 4 valves. He denied any wrong doing, and said it was something we did. So after paying all that money to someone, we had to lap the valves in our selves and re-timed it, and what do you know.... it fired right up.

This car and I have a lot of memories. It was the first car I put a set of wheels on, it was the first (and only) car I lost my license in for street racing. And for all that I rewarded it by putting it into a tree at roughly 85 MPH. The tree (thank God) was a slightly small one probably about 14 inches around, and it plowed down as we hit it and helped us roll over an 8 foot embankment. I don't know how, but no one was seriously injured. I did have a gnarly black eye for a week though.

I'm going to try to think of my mods list and write down everything I can remember.


"Blitz" style front bumper
"Exteme" rear bumper
OEM Honda side skirts (color matched)
OEM Honda rear spoiler
Custom made hood with open scoop
B62P Captiva Pearl (OEM Honda color)

Sparco R323 suede steering wheel
Momo hub
Integra GSR shift knob (traded my Type-R knob, because this was taller and felt better to me.)
Apline CD player (Model number unknown)
Pioneer Coaxials (Wal-Mart quality, don't get excited.)
Auto Meter Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Gauges (where OEM radio location was)
Sparco Blue Y-style 4-point harness

Suspension and Brakes
15 x 7 Rota Slipstreams
Nitto 450 (?) Tires
eBay Drop Springs
Bomz Racing front and rear upper strut braces
Bomz Racing front and rear lower braces
Braided stainless steel brake lines
"Brembo" cross-drilled rotors
semi-metallic "race" pads

Engine and Transmission
AEM Fuel Rail
B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator
AutoMeter Fuel Pressure gauge
Zex Stage 1 camshaft (Which actually was made by CompCams)
AutoZone short ram intake
Matrix stainless steel header
Lightweight flywheel
Exedy stage 1 clutch
3-angle valve job
Ported and polished head
B&M short shifter (Best short shifter I have ever owned in any vehicle)

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